Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Worst Kitchen Disaster Yet

Ah, it feels good to be free. I forgot to post something from the other day. I was sick from studying Roman civilization so I went with Greek food ;) I had some faux feta left, so I crumbled it in with some romaine, cucumber, tomato and oil and vinegar dressing. I tossed it all together and stuffed it into a whole wheat pita. So delicious! I originally got this idea from the Garden of Vegan, but I just wanted a really quick pita stuffing so I could keep on cramming. It was so yum. Of course, I would have preferred to make my own dressing for it, but I used bottled oil and vinegar. (no judgement please! :P)

As you can see, my Roman notes are under the plate. As stressed out as I was about that exam, I wish I would've spent more time on this course over the semester, its really interesting!

Anyways, I found out last night that Billy had baseball practice tonite, so our night time BBQ became an afternoon one. I made corn on the cob, Yves veggie burgers and Garden of Vegan's seitan kabobs.

I love fresh corn. It is one of the best things about summer. I like to eat it plain, corn is so flavourful on its own. I ate my burger on a whole wheat bun with a slice of tofutti cheese, a pickle, lettuce, ketchup, mustard and relish...the works. I've made the kabobs before and remembered how delightful they were so I made them to get some veggies in us. My kabobs had marinated zucchini, seitan, green and red peppers, onion, garlic and mushrooms. Billy is a bit more picky with vegetables so his only had seitan and the peppers. All in all, a very nice BBQ dinner, although we didn't use the BBQ (due to weather) and ate while watching TV...which Billy was later reprimanded for.

For dessert I had planned on making Nikole's boss' mom's peanut butter chocolate cake (whew, what a mouthful) from La Dolce Vegan. I had it made and in the oven...I took it out, thought it wasn't cooked enough and went to put it back in the oven, but it slipped out of my hands...and by Murphy's law, landed upside down. I was quite upset, but it turns out I had overcooked the cake anyways, so it was all good. I decided not to give up on the cake and made it tonight while Billy was at practice. YES! Awesomeness portrayed in a cake! Billy adored the cake, and went back for seconds. I really liked it. I didn't think it *looked* all that impressive, because the peanut butter cream cheese topping didn't swirl into the batter the way it did in the first cake...but I was proved wrong. Basically, its a rich chocolate cake with a pb cream cheese "glaze" on top...that's the only way I can think of to describe the topping. Sorry I didn't take the best pictures. The lighting wasn't all that great.

Starting tomorrow, I work for 4 days, but I hope to do some more cooking...after all, what else is summer break for!?!


Dori said...

Pita pockets, burgers, and a wonderful choclate cake, looks great. Congrats on finishing the finals. How it all vegan... I'm gonna have to check into this one soon.

Danielle D. said...

I knew that there had to be a kabob recipe in one of Sarah's books. Thanks for saving me some digging. :)

Melissa said...

Thanks Dori! How It All Vegan is a pretty good cookbook. I'll admit I haven't used it as much as Sarah Kramer's other two books, but I'm still glad I have it. It has a lot of comfort foods in it: Lasagna, cupcakes, pancakes, etc.

Danielle, no problem. It can be tough when you have to look through three cookbooks to find what you're looking for!

Megan the Vegan said...

Nice save on the cake....I always use the 5 second rule....if it's been less than 5 seconds, you can pick it up and eat it without a worry!

Anonymous said...

Hi megan...I might've gotten away with that, but the whole thing smooshed up when it fell and the top disconnected from the bottom(the bottom was overcooked and stuck to the pan!)
The second cake was great and made the extra time worth it though.

KleoPatra said...

WOW!!! Everything looks temptingly tantalizing!!! YUM!!

Catherine said...

yum, yum, yum . . . !!
Baking disasters are never fun, and I can't follow the five-second rule in my house because anything that hits the floor automatically has at least one kitty fur stuck to it, so it has to hit the trash. I'm glad your second cake turned out so well! What a way to celebrate!