Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I've apparently been on a smoothie kick lately. Monday nite while studying I had a craving for a frozen drink, so I whipped up the orange creamsicle smoothie, a recipe from Sinfully Vegan (Yes it has drinks in it too!) It was very simple, both preparation wise and taste wise. Sort of like a creamsicle popsicle. Vanilla soymilk, orange juice concentrate, and I threw in some banana and flax oil to up the nutrition. Then Tuesday morning I decided to have a smoothie for breakfast to get ready for my exam. I made the tangy citrus shake from How It All Vegan so I could use up the silk tofu sitting in my fridge. This one had soymilk, banana, lime juice and the tofu among other things. It was good! I love using fresh lime or lemon juice. Then yesterday afternoon I had an unquenchable thirst that only a smoothie could take care of so I made another one. This time the Berry Delicious smoothie from Sinfully Vegan. It had apple juice instead of soymilk so it was lighter. I used blueberries. Mmmm! Apple juice, berries, crushed ice, banana and some maple syrup. These smoothies really helped me get all my fruit servings for the day! The pictures in order are the creamsicle smoothie, the tangy shake and the berrie smoothie.

Lunch yesterday was leftovers. Leftover stuffing from the festive squash with "beef" seitan. It went really well actually, and it was filling!

My dad finished off the leftover chowder I had made so I had to make another soup for dinner last night. He loved the split pea chowder...he even banged on the door while I was showering and yelled that I should make more ASAP...everyone knows I hate being yelled at while in the shower, so it must've been urgent ;) I wanted to make a carrot soup from HIAV but didn't have enough carrots so I made the spicy tomato soup using up some tomatoes in the fridge.Yes! I loved it! Its a really spicy soup, but not too spicy...and if you don't like spice, you can cut down on the pepper. Such a simple soup, but it looks like it took lots of time. To serve with the soup I made maple nut soup muffins, also from How It All Vegan. I thought the idea of muffins with soup was a little bizarre, but these really work, and they're great for dipping in the soup! The only sugar in the muffins comes from the maple syrup, which really only serves to give a nice maple-ey taste to the muffins...mmm mmm

I went to two health stores yesterday and came away with a lot of goodies:

-Buckwheat flour for pancakes tomorrow
-Earth Balance
-Vegan brand mozza cheese and sunergia soy feta for a pizza I'll be making this week
-Eden organic cans of pinto and aduki beans
-whole nutmeg for when I make some baked goods from Vive le Vegan!
-Vegan Gourmet Soy Nacho cheese ( I originally wanted regular mozzarella and cheddar but they were out)

I wasn't sure what to do with the nacho cheese, but I figured it out! Its awesome melted over nacho chips and I also used it in a pinto bean casserole from La Dolce Vegan (More on that later).

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