Saturday, July 15, 2006

Snack foods 2

I could only post two pictures in the last go read that one first and then come back!

We're leaving bright and early tomorrow because the boys want to be the first of 10 000 people to get to the game to get free hats (sigh), so for a quick breakfast, I got Glutino's Gluten Free Blueberry Breakfast Bars. I don't have anything against gluten, but these are yummy! I've had the apple ones before, I believe. They only have 1 gram of fat per bar too. I'll have to try and pick up some fruit today before work to go along with it.

And lastly, I bought some Orgran fruit filled bars. One is the fruit filled blueberry bar, which I probably won't eat tomorrow, and the fruit filled choc-cherry bar...which I just might eat...although I really don't want to eat some form of a bar for each meal. Hopefully the Roger's Centre sells fresh fruit and such...I'm not getting fried food no matter what. These bars are only 150-160 calories with only one gram of fat...sounds like a good snack to me :)

So that's my food for tomorrow...wish me luck and pray that I come back not in a boredom least there'll be another girl with me there ;)


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Carrie™ said...

We like to go early to the Leafs games to get free stuff. Can't beat free! I don't know about baseball, but if you arrive early at ACC, you sometimes get to see Leafs alumni strolling around. We also ran into Bobby Clarke on Bay St. drinking a Tim Horton's coffee. Jim got his autograph to put beside his Bobby Clarke bobblehead (Don't even ask).
I don't like baseball either and have only ever been to one Blue Jays game and it was MUCH better there than on TV. I hear that the Skydome, oops, Rogers Centre (it will forever be the Skydome) has veggie dog carts and I also heard, not sure if it's true, that they have vegan options. Either way, your snacks should keep you in fine form for doing waves and 7th inning stretch and whatever else goes on. Have a blast and keep cool. I hear today (Sunday) could be 36 and with the humidex, somewhere in the mid 40's!

Melissa said...

whew, what an exhausting trip! I had so much fun though. Those glutino bars aren't so great, they have a weird aftertaste.
Carrie, the free hats we got are pretty cool. I really enjoyed the game...sports are only fun live for me! You're right, there were veggie dogs outside the skydome, they even had Yves Veggie Cuisine umbrellas ;) and I got a kosher veggie dog inside. There were also veggie wraps/burritos.

It was so hot, especially when the dome fully opened, but luckily after a while we were in the shade. My favourite part of the game? My favourite Jay: Frank Catalanotto ( wrong spelling probably) got the game winning hit! boyfriend didn't appreciate the comment about me flashing Frank for winning ;)

Catherine said...

watching baseball = watching paint dry

(And I'm an American! I'm supposed to like baseball!) My advice? Take a book. ;-) Or headphones -- you can always pretend you are listening to the game on the radio!

Your road trip snacks look yummy! I always have a hard time eating healthfully away from home.