Saturday, September 30, 2006

I've been tagged

Judy tagged me with a meme of sorts, I suppose, which I've never participated in before, but this one sounded fun.
Judy, I sort of read the details page about this top 5 thing going around, but I'm horribly notorious for skimming everything. So here's my top 5 foods that I've tried that everyone should try before they that how it works? haha. Although I've been to Europe a few times, I don't have many experiences with veg restaurants, but I wish there was a to-die-for one I could recommend.

1-vegetable paella from Spain. While all my classmates were grossed out because their seafood paella came with whole tiny crabs in it, mine was all veggies, and amazingly delicious. You could try and make it yourself but nothing's as good as the real thing. Plus its a great excuse for a trip! Have it with a chilled glass of sangria.

2-Poutine. This is a toss up. I haven't made vegan poutine yet...but to all non-vegans, if you think poutine is authentic in any part of the world other than Quebec...wrong! I admit, I did live in la belle province for 6 years so I *may* be slightly biased. But honestly, who did Mickey D's think they were serving what they wanted to pass off as poutine. Horrors! Maybe I'll move to Quebec and open up a vegan poutine stand.

3- Portobello mushroom bake...not a food, a meal, a recipe from Garden of Vegan by Sarah Kramer and Tanya Barnard. Of the hundreds of recipes I've tried from many books, this still remains my absolute favourite.

4-Gelato from GG Gelati in Winnipeg's Little Italy district. I've had gelato in Italy that for some reason didn't taste as good as the stuff in the 'peg. Once I went vegan, my options were reduced, but they still have a variety of dairy free flavours that rock my socks off...including one that tastes just like fudgsicles. The fruit flavours taste like they just came from the farmer's crop to your juicy and fresh. Its actually a main reason that I miss living in Manitoba.

5-Tofu. While most people reading this blog are probably intimately familiar with that beautiful block of soy, tofu really is a food that everyone should try. Its so innocent, its made from a bean, yet its probably the scariest food that many people can think of. I used to be one of those people. But its so versatile, that sometimes, you wouldn't even guess that a dish had tofu in it. In fact, that's how I've gotten my family to try it, and probably the only way that would've worked. You should see the look on peoples' faces when they eat a dessert I made and I tell them there's tofu in it. WHAT?!?! haha. If you don't try it, you'll seriously miss out on a plethora of ideas and options, folks. Even Billy likes tofu in some way...usually when I use it to make Naked Mousse...;). My favourites include: tofu omelets, tofu stirfries (I mash it up into little pieces), and tofu cheesecake.

And now I'm to tag more the links up above for more info folks:
Michelle(Goob lol)
Urban Vegan

Ladies, there's no pressure, you don't have to do it...this brings back memories of chain letters and feeling bad for not doing them :P


Anonymous said...

Love your choices there... tofu is such a dear friend with such an unwarranted reputation to those who don't know its wondrous-ness!!! That portobello bake sounds splendid! Gotta try Tanya and Sarah's recipe for that!!

Carrie™ said...

Melissa! I hope with you back in your regular routine that you will be posting more regularly. I missed you during the summer months.
I got tagged for this at the beginning of the month and did a post on it. You can find it here -

Thank you for including me. I love to do these sorts of things. Keep me in mind for the next round.

Anonymous said...

Great choices--very sophisticated. We have a gelato place here too that does sorbetto. My favorite flavor is lime cilnatro. OMG.

Thanks for tagging me:

Melissa said...

Wow, sorry guys, I didn't know you'd already done it...aside from not doing my blog, I didn't stay current on all the other blogs either :(

Carrie, I so agree with your choice of maple...yum yum. I make pancakes just so I can use maple syrup.

Urban Vegan, that's funny that we both picked paella, haha.

Renee said...

Hi I'm enjoying your blog, I'm in Sudbury too!!

Melissa said...

really? that's awesome! Hey wait...were you ever a member on the govegan forum? I remember a renee from sudbury on there...there can't be more than one ;)

Anonymous said...

Portobello mushroom bake is fantastic...I love that recipe. I often make extra sauce and add cubes of tofu to the mix...they soak up the flavour so well...mmmm...I know what I want for dinner.

megan the vegan

Renee said...

Nope, I wasn't a member on the govegan forum, hmmm, maybe I should be...It's great to "meet" another vegan in our city. I look forward to reading more..

Melissa said...

I know, its exciting to know there is another vegan in Sudbury, lol.

Megan, I never thought of adding tofu. Although I don't usually like "chunks" of tofu in meals, the sauce is so good, I just might like it!

g.desilets said...

If you have some ideas for vegan poutines I'd like to see them. Some that would look and taste like the authentic non-vegan ones, and some more creative.