Monday, October 30, 2006

Out of the (vegan) closet!

Well, as usual, I slacked off on my week off. I already posted most of the stuff I made, but there are a few more things that I'll post later when I get home from school. I just slept a lot, haha. I got to see a few movies, including Marie Antoinette, and I got to catch up a bit with my mom, sister, aunt and cousin (we had a girl's night out). They wanted to eat at Boston Pizza. I actually really enjoyed my meal. I ordered the taco salad without beef or shrimp, no olives, no cheese, no sour cream, extra salsa and a side of guacamole. I have never had guac before...yum!!! It was so good in the salad. And since the salad consisted only of lettuce, salsa and diced tomatoes, it really improved the experience. Oh yes, and tortilla chips were in it too. I will be getting it again, and I definitely have to make some home-made guacamole soon!!

I also got to have a sleepover (so high school) with some girls from work. It was so fun, we got a little bit tipsy and gossiped all night, tee hee. Oh yes, and I told them I was a vegan, and they thought it was great. I hadn't told anyone from work that I was, I thought it would create a lot of problems. But I think I will let some choice people know...

Does someone want to buy me this for Christmas?? I literally have 5 dollars in my bank account right now ;)

I forgot to take a picture of today's lunch :( I had the vegetable chowder from LDV (which I will share with you later), an orange, a trailmix made with oat clusters, chocolate chips, almonds, pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries, mango juice and tortilla chips with a refried bean-salsa dip with a touch of Spectrum mayo to make it creamy. Mmmm it was so filling.


Anonymous said...

I saw Marie Antoinette this weekend, too, and I immediately had to make cupcakes when I got home because the movie had so many gorgeous shots of FOOD!

Melissa said...

haha, I actually thought about that during the movie. I thought it was a good thing that I don't have the vegan cupcake cookbook...:D

Anonymous said...

Coming out of the vegan closet is always interesting. You never know if you're going to get reverence, acceptance or bashed. Glad your friends are so cool.

raising_kahne said...

That's great that you shared your veganism with them! And even better that they were open to it!

It's hard to believe that you have never had guacamole before. lol I guess ive just had it a lot because I love avacados and mexican-type foods.

I want VLB cookbook soo bad! I guess Ill wait a little bit longer(who knows, maybe the price will be cheaper then??) and hope someone else gets it for me. Oh, your lunch sounds delicious! Especially the trail mix!! chocolate...yumm yumm!

Melissa said...

urban, you're right. There's always a chance that they'll make you regret telling them. But they were great, and one of them is kind of semi vegetarian, so that made it easier.
actually, raising kahne, I remember now, I had a really simple guacamole incorporated into the burrito pie I made last February. VLB is quite expensive, if it was a bit cheaper I probably would've ordered it and charged it, but Billy has already forwarded the link to my mom in law :)