Sunday, November 26, 2006

Chili-joes ?

I probably won't be able to post tomorrow. I have three assignments due, two of which are finished, but I have to finish my ten page paper on Gorilla gorilla tomorrow before 5. So instead of taking a picture of my lunch in the nice, natural sunlight tomorrow morning, I suppose you'll have to deal with the artificial light of my apartment! This is my first menu from the Vegan Lunchbox cookbook: Pizza shop breadsticks with tomato sauce for dipping, a frozen vegetable and lima bean medley, and fresh blueberrie and plums. I also threw in the last eggnog muffin as a treat. I think I'll also be bringing chili again for dinner at school, since I have a night lab. Mondays suck.

The breadsticks are yummy and addictive. The tomato sauce will be a great all-purpose sauce for dipping and pastas. Its got kale, onions and carrot, but shhhh....don't tell Billy. It all blended together secretively, hehehehe.

Saturday night was leftover chili, again. I froze the rest of the chili, I can't go on. As great as it is, you can't eat it two weeks straight. It will save me in the future though. But, on Friday, I made...umm....chili-joes? I put the chili on a whole wheat kaiser roll to sop up all the yummy sauce. And of course, a side of veggies. Very filling.

Dessert was Mom's Chocolate Pudding from La Dolce Vegan. But its really Wolffie's chocolate pudding...and its exquisite. It really hit the spot without being too heavy or filling.
Mom's Chocolate Pudding


Anonymous said...

I thought the breadsticks were chicken fingers!
Your pudding looks great - way better than mine ever looks.

Melissa said...

Hey, now that you mention it, they do look a bit like chicken fingers at first glance...hehehe. How do you make your pudding Judy?

Anonymous said...

I can only eat chili for maybe 2 days and that's it. I wish it didn't make so much because it's just ridiculous and my husband could eat the same thing every day so he doesn't care and doesn't see what the problem is.

The pudding looks delicious! I decided today (after the scale totally freaked me out) that I need to watch what I eat and lose a few pounds. So It'll be a while before I make that sweetness!

Carrie™ said...

Everyday pretty much sucks for me for the next month. I'm packing lunches and dinners. Since Christmas is coming, the LCBO is getting so busy and I'm working 6 days a week, usually until close. Thank goodness for a big pot of tofu chili I made a while ago and put in the freezer. That's fed me for a few meals. A bowl of chocolate pudding would finish that off nicely! Great post again Melissa.

Anonymous said...

those bread sticks look really yummy