Thursday, November 16, 2006

Kitchen Disasters

Maybe not disasters, but nothing went right for me yesterday. I'll start with food from Tuesday to make me feel better. I took a sick day on Tuesday (from my one class, haha) to sleep and relax since I felt a sore throat coming on and I'm seriously sleep deprived. After I slept as much as I could, I wanted to make something, something really easy. So I went to vegweb and found some no-bake cookies to make. I love these types of cookies. These are called No Bake Peanut Butter Chocolate Oat Cookies. They're yummy and store well in the freezer. I used about 1/2 a cup less sugar and threw in some chocolate chips.

I am trying to use up the pasta I have before buying anymore so I decided to make an easy stuffed cannelloni for dinner. I used the basil tofu ricotta from VwaV. I accidentally used less tofu than required (don't ask how) but it still tasted great. I used it as the stuffing, used a jar of mushroom tomato sauce to cover the shells and topped it all with some easy Faux Parm from How It All Vegan and baked for an hour. So good and comforting! I didn't want anything too fancy, and this was just perfect. Oh and I also served it with my new favourite side: lightly fried and breaded zucchini. This meal was inspired by a post at Squirrel's Vegan Kitchen.

Now, on to the disasters (yes I post the good with the bad!) First I made the butternut chive soup from HIAV. Unknown to me, there was a typo in the recipe. It was quite obvious but I let my need to follow recipes ruin needless to say there was way too much pepper in this the point of burning my throat and giving me heartburn (which I haven't had since I gave up red meat 9 years ago). It was totally inedible. The rest of the ingredients in the soup were fine though and I hate wasting I made a second batch of the soup and mixed them together. For the second batch I used basmati rice instead of white beans since I didn't have any left, and green onions instead of chives for the same reason. It tastes much better now...still very pepper-y, but I can eat it at least, and its quite yummy.
I had fennel left from the hummus quinoa casserole so I made the moroccan chickpea patties from Vive that I've seen in a few other blogs. These didn't firm up at all when I fried them. So they pretty much got fried on the outside and were mushy in the middle. I still ate them though...they taste great! This is probably my fault...I should've made smaller patties and used a skillet, not our griddle thing-y.
Billy's parents are coming on Sunday to watch the Grey Cup at my parents' house. Shirl's bringing me some chili, as per their tradition, but I have to think up some good appies and dessert to serve...


Anonymous said...

Isn't breaded zucchini the best? I love it. I'm sorry your soup and patties didn't turn out. My patties weren't super firm either and I had to be careful with them. I agree that making them small is key. Thankfully they taste good no matter how they taste!

Anonymous said...

Dessert: Wolffies apple desert pudding breakfast thing (I don't remember the name and I'm too lazy to get up and look in LDV...), oh! or the peanut butter square thingies from Vive. Both recipes are awesome. Or Nikoles mothers bosses peanut butter cake. Or the peanut butter muffins in LDV, I can't remember what they're called but they're described as love in a wrapper... I love peanut butter

Appies: Mushroom bake from GoV, spring rolls, or the mango rice wrapper rolls from VwaV. Make a good dip (hummus) and serve with veggies... I do better with desserts

Tania said...

Hey, I just made Dori's no-bake cookies this morning! Great minds think alike, hehe. No-bake rocks!

Sorry about your disasters, at least you managed to salvage the soup!

OkraMary said...

Melissa, I seem to have more kitchen disasters than successes (or so it seems - maybe it's because I remember the disasters more!).

Everyone and their mama is making those moroccan chickpea patties! I'm going to have to try of these days...

Anonymous said...

kitchen disasters...we've all had our share! I think they make us better cooks! Those no-bake cookies look fantastic.
I'm looking forward to see what you create for the Grey Cup party!

Melissa said...

Kris: melt in your mouth, freakin goodness, is what it is!

Thanks Michelle! Those pb cupcakes from LDV are delish! I'm going to make a simple cake from Sinfully Vegan, and probably a few from your list.

Tania, I noticed that too. Probably because no-bake is the way to go!

okra- they're yummy! I put the leftovers in a pita for dinner tonite...mmmm.

Megan, the disasters help improve my critical thinking at least...I now know a tablespoon of pepper is too much (duh, must have been a stupid day for me!)

DreamQueen said...

Ooooh, I'm going to try those no-bake cookies right now.