Thursday, November 23, 2006

Vegans get busy too...

Most of us post food that's impressive/pretty/downright challenging, or just because we're damn proud of what we eat. But occasionnally there comes a time when there is no time to cook up something super impressive, and you just need to eat. I don't have a picture, because my batteries are dead, and because its not really worthy of being blogged about, but tonite, and actually all my dinners this week, were quick and easy. Vegandoc posted about how we have to make veganism look easy to appeal to more people, and this is my contribution.

Not every night will be blog worthy, or award winning, etc. Sometimes you just need to feed yourself (and your family). I had tests, assignments, quizzes galore this week. I'm finally getting better at planning meals that aren't from recipes, and still eating healthy, delicious food. Tonite I made up some soba noodles while I was studying, sauteed some frozen mixed mushrooms and some leftover frozen tofu balls, stirred in a pasta sauce and topped it with some parm. Voila! Dinner for a busy student who really needs to be studying and not spending the night in the kitchen.

I hate not cooking, because I love I used this as an excuse to post :)


Anonymous said...

I figure that the majority of the people who read my blog are already vegan. And I'm thinking that those people just don't care to see another peanut butter and jelly sandwich or pesto pasta! Maybe I should start a new blog with only simple and quick vegan meals. Hmmmm... Good food for thought!

Anonymous said...

I like this idea too. I never blog about the nights we eat leftovers, raw veggies and dip, or even cereal (!) for dinner. But now I'll talk about those meals more often, just to show that we all eat that way sometime.
Of course tonight was U.S. Thanksgiving, so I did a little cooking... =)

Melissa said...

you're right, I probably have no non-vegan readers...but I still like to prove to myself that I can make a good meal that doesn't require getting out a cookbook.

I would so read that blog, it would be great for when I don't have any groceries and need something quick.