Sunday, December 03, 2006

Early December Blues

Now's the time when *everything* is due, right before exams. I've got a midterm, two essays and an online test all done, but still have a research project, a quiz and an assignment due...why do profs give you assignments due the same week as the final? On to food, which makes me happy.

The other day I made the 5-minute roasted red pepper pesto from La Dolce Vegan. I had pre-cooked some soba noodles the day before, so it literally took me 5 minutes to make dinner! Toss some jarred roasted red peppers (or roast them yourself), walnuts, parsley, basil and garlic into a blender and whiz in some oil, and you've got dinner. I was even able to make it in my mini-blender so I didn't have to clean up the food processor.

It was good, the only change I'll make next time is to toss it with more pasta, I'd prefer it as a light covering, not a thick sauce.

I brought the rest of my nanaimo bars to work because I was eating way too many of them. They didn't last long. All the servers loved them, and aside from those of them who know I'm vegan, no one was the wiser. The only comments I got were : "Homemade? How Martha of you!" ;) I've only got three days left where I can use my lunchbox before next semester, so I'll be making some yummy food to pack later.


OkraMary said...

I've made that pesto too - loved it! I always toss a scoop of the pasta water into the bowl and toss it with the sauce - it makes a thinner, creamier sauce.

I'm also swamped this week - it's the last semester of my undergrad...I just have to finish!

Anonymous said...

I do look forward to trying that! I too have some left over noodles in my fridge .. hummmm.. thanks for the heads up!

Melissa said...

okramary, that's a good idea; thanks!Good luck with all your work, this is my second last semester...can't wait!

No problem, Alaska. Its a great way to use up leftover stuff, like noodles or parsley, which I never seem to be able to use in time.

Anonymous said...

I think this is my first visit here and it's such a fun blog! First, good luck with all your end of the semester stuff. You'll be relieved when it's over and then you can enjoy a nice long break.

I was missing nanaimo bars too! Thanks so much for the link. I never miss meat, just sweets!

Melissa said...

atxvegan, this is your second post, but no matter :) Glad you enjoy it, I love your blog too (I'm a lurker these days)
I'm mostly the same, I crave sweets and only rarely do I miss anything related to meat.

vegancore said...

That looks really good. Whenever I see the stuff you make from La Dolce Vegan, I wonder why I don't use it more often. Or at all, actually.

raising_kahne said...

Yumm-o looking sauce! I saw that you won the contest on sarah's blog, do you know what you'll get??

Melissa said...

vegancore, I neglect some of my books too. I just use LDV more because its more likely that I'll have the ingredients that are needed.

Raising kahne, I'm getting a Left Feet T-shirt and a handmade scarf :)