Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Are there pigs flying?

I got two big compliments on my food from Billy yesterday! Not that he ever makes fun of it, but I was at risk of losing my food to him :P First, when I was making the calzones for my lunch he asked for one for lunch, and then raved about it. Next, I was eating my chipotle burrito and he stole like 3 big bites, saying he liked the veggies. To quote from my somewhat French background...Whoa minute.....YOU LIKE THE VEGGIES THE BEST? So I'm going to be making these meals quite often from now on!

Alright, so lunch this week is a broccoli calzone with tomato sauce for dipping, an apricot, grapes, and a piece of mint chocolate. Vegan Lunch Box just keeps delivering on the yummy food. The calzones were easy to make, and the tofu and broccoli filling was really good. Billy's only complaint was the same as Schmoo's...too much crust (but that's because the one he took had a lot less filling in it). I do believe this was my first time eating a fresh apricot, unbelievably.

I had some leftover tofu from the calzone recipe, so I used it up at breakfast by making half a tofu omelet recipe (Garden of Vegan), and eating it in a toasted sandwich with ketchup and a cheese slice. Mmm mmm good. I was always a big fan of scrambled egg sandwiches, so this hits the spot.

Check out how the frost looks on the inside of our window...it makes for a cold apartment, but it sure is pretty :)


madeinalaska said...

I have been eyeing that recipe from the lunchbox.. glad to hear ya'all liked it!
yeah, that window is pretty..must be chilli there.

theONLYtania said...

Ahh I just got so excited! I felt like I had too many cookbooks here at school because I don't even get down to the kitchen that often.. so I left a bunch at home over Christmas break. I just saw your "egg" sandwich and thought it looked great.. lo and behold Garden of Vegan is one of the three cookbooks I DO have with me!

Melissa said...

tania, lucky you! Hope you like it.

Kati said...

The calzones sound delicious - isn't it great when you find some real "winners"?

I don't think I've ever eaten a fresh apricot, either, so you're not alone!

Johanna3 said...

yum, looks good!

Mel said...

thanks for the photo of the scrambled egg sandwich! I was trying to figure out what I was going to have for lunch tomorrow (on a diet) and saw this! I am really looking forward to my lunch now! :D