Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Health Food

Spinach Mango Smoothie- Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Foods

Don't let the colour scare's very good! Baby spinach, frozen mango and pear nectar blended up. A great way for me to quickly add more produce into my diet, which has been seriously lacking lately!

Seaweed Soup- La Dolce Vegan

I've blogged this one before here. I've recently discovered I have hypothyroidism, so I've cut down drastically on my soy intake, and I'm trying to consume more iodine (through seaweed and kelp, etc). Did you also know that rosemary is very good for your thyroid? Not only is this soup healthy, it's delicious.

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Babette said...

Sorry to hear you have hyperthyroidism...

I love this soup from La Dolce Vegan! Yay for seaweed!