Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"You have to risk it to get the biscuit"

Food in no particular order...

Mock Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits

I got these from Cuny Queen's blog (see above link). The only change I made was to use oatmeal milk instead of soy. And I used Daiya cheddar. Most people at work are sick of our buns since they eat them every shift. I've seen some people add caramel (yuck) and tomato sauce to jazz it up. But me, I can't eat them, so every once in a while, I want one! Which is why I googled a vegan version...and I'll never look back! These are so soft and delicious. And this version is actually a little more fancy than RL's, with the addition of garlic, parsley and rosemary in the bun itself. Red Lobster just uses Bisquick. Craving satisfied.... overly satisfied actually!

Apple Cake- Vegan Italiano

I haven't tried the cake yet, but I'll add an edit once I've had some. I was skeptical at first because the flour mixture in the cake has no liquid added to it, but the juices from the apples cook it into a juicy, squishy mess. It smells heavenly. A very simple recipe.

Lentil and pasta soup- Vegan Italiano

Om nom nom! I don't think the bowl left my chin area the entire time I was eating this soup. It's nothing spectacular in the world of lentil soup, but it's homey and hearty and so satisfying. I love this cookbook, it never fails and the ingredients are so simple! (No "milks" or "cheeses", tofu or tempeh)

Lunch the other day with Billy was a Lick's veggie burger grilled with Daiya cheddar, roasted carrots and potatoes, and dessert kebabs. The fruit is rolled in brown sugar then grilled til caramelized. Yum!

Coffee Chip Muffins- Vegan Brunch

I didn't hear the timer go off when these were ready, so they're a couple minutes overdone but they are really good. I love the subtle coffee flavour and the chocolate chips really complement it. I like that you use instant coffee, since I had some laying around, but I don't have a coffee maker.

It's nacho night tonight!!

As per my lower post, I got The Vegan Table from Billy, and would like some suggestions for recipes to start with. That means you, lurkers!!!


caroline ross said...

OMG THESE LOOK DELICIOUS! I think we should make them at our Vegan Cooking Night! with corn chow-dah... yum!

aimee said...

Hi Melissa,

Just found your blog! Fun theme and pretty pictures. Thanks for sharing:)


Dianne said...

Nice! I don't make enough bread and buns.

KZ said...

The Red Lobster biscuits came out great! :)

vegan said...

Your lentil soup looks good!

Check out this site for more vegan lentil soup recipes:


JesusM9 said...

Those look delish! specially the lobster biscuits mmmmmm

Feel free to stop by my blog and check out my recipes also!

C said...

From the vegan table, so far I've made the three bean chili, which was pretty awesome. Also, the pesto pizza is very good. And the red lentil and artichoke stew was right on the spot. I guess you can't go wrong with any recipe in there, I just really like Coleen's recipes! :-)Happy cooking!