Monday, November 29, 2010

So not only does my camera suck, the cord to transfer pictures to the computer is hold on until Christmas and then I will be posting fabulous pictures of food.

Lunch today:

Shefu tofu bites, and carrots, broccoli and green beans, stir-fried in President's Choice Ginger Soy stir fry sauce. Served on brown rice.

Shefu is so awesome, but I can't find it here, I picked it up on a weekend trip to Toronto. Anyone know how to replicate the great texture and taste?


Alessandra said...

Never heard of Shefu, sadly I don't think it exist in New Zealand.

I hope you camera and cord will be back soon :-)

May Stephens said...

What is Shefu?

May Stephens said...

I guess what I should've asked, after reading your link, was, 'what's the difference between Shefu and normal tofu?'

Melissa said...

It has a better texture...its denser and not so "flabby" as tofu haha. There's carrot and some other stuff mixed into it too.