Saturday, March 12, 2011

Perfect Timing

Yesterday, I awoke on my first day of March Break with a cold. And it's only worse today. Nice timing! :( So there was no cooking today, only lots of sleeping, knitting and drinking ginger ale and now tea. So since I have no food updates, here's an update on my latest knitting projects.

Some finished projects:

Tomato pincushion

Star crossed beret/slouchy hat

Unfinished projects:

Cushion cover. I just finished the first side today (it took me nearly three months to do, only because I get bored with it easily. But the zigzags are cute). Hopefully it won't be another three months for the other side!

1 of 2 baby socks. For a former coworker. Gender unknown, so I chose a variegated yarn with neutral-ish colours. This yarn is supposed to give a fair isle effect, which I didn't see much. But it did self-stripe which I think is really cool and way easier than doing actual stripes!

I'm also working on glove #1 of a pair of seed stitch fingerless gloves, but I'm not far enough in to merit taking pictures yet.

Sick tea: loose leaf chamomile citron combined with PC's tropical green tea. I can't taste it but it feels good...

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May Stephens said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!