Saturday, April 09, 2011

Pesto Gnocchi

Potato Gnocchi with Ligurian Pesto and Peas- Vegan Italiano
This cookbook has never disappointed. The recipes are pretty basic and the recipes are so pure and easy, that you can't go wrong. None of the recipes call for tofu or non-dairy milks, or "cheese". It's traditional Italian fare (so not the bastardized North American version) using fresh ingredients, from the regular grocery store.

Lunch today was no different. It's gnocchi tossed with peas and Ligurian (a region of Italy) pesto. So good! Billy had a bite and said "hey, that's actually really good", like he was expecting it not to be :P He's never had gnocchi or much pesto for that matter, so it was a good first experience!

The pesto has fresh basil and parsley, pine nuts, salt and olive oil. I added a bit of vegan parm too. I bought a huge bag/bouquet of basil at the market today. Honestly, you could bring me that instead of flowers and I would be happy. It's such a great smell!

I finally finished a cushion cover I've been knitting off and on since December. I got bored and kind of ignored it for a while, but I'm pleased with the end result. My couch pillows are old and the colour doesn't go with our living room anymore so I thought this would be a cheap fixer-upper. The yarn is the same yarn used in the blanket I made a while back (also pictured).

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