Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So my last post was done from my ipad as is this one. I prefer blogging from my computer as the layout is better than using the Blogger app and I can upload pictures from my camera. They are much clearer that way. That being said I think I will still use the app occasiobally to stay on top of things so that when I do a full post it doesn't involve twenty pictures!

Dinner tonight was penne with fresh veggies and tofurkey Italian sausage from The Vegan Table. Mmmm it hit the spot and was very filling.

We have two rhubarb plants and they are already huge so I took advantage and made some rhubarb ice cream (The Vegan Scoop). Its very nice but next time I think I will add strawberries.


T said...

Oooh that pasta looks great! And I agree about the rhubarb- always even better with strawberry!

Anonymous said...

yum! looks absolutely delicious! can i have a bowl of pasta please?!?! haha thanks for sharing!