Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Major garlic breath

I wanted to post this yesterday but somethings up with the internet at my house so I had to wait til I was at school. And I'm too lazy to walk all the way to my car in "the pit" to get my school books, so I'll just do this instead!
I forgot to mention I planted my herbs in my herb garden kit this weekend (I got it for Christmas). I really have doubts about whether this is going to work, as I could barely keep an already grown basil plant alive this summer, but we'll see! I'll just keep watering and talking and try to grow me some babies :P Its got chives, basil, parsley and oregano, all in the one pot! Its funny, because parsley is the only one that needs partial shade, so its going to be a challenge making sure the rest get plenty of sun, while the parsley only gets some!

Let's hope this works, then I won't have to buy as many herbs at the store and end up wasting half of them!

Right, so back to my reason for garlic breath yesterday. I had a major craving for Caesar salad, so I whipped up some dressing from a recipe in La Dolce Vegan. I had some tomato basil croutons left and put a bit of "parmesan alternative" on the salad too. Mmmm mmm it really hit the spot. The dressing may not be white like the non-vegan version, but this one was so yummy, and I knew exactly what was in it, and it was so fresh! Along with the salad, I had a bowl of leftover garlic soup with some crusty multigrain bread and a glass of water. So I had to brush my teeth a few times last nite, but it was so worth it! Billy was at work anyways, so there was no need to worry lol.

And even though I already had some had lunch, I had to have another few more bites of rhubarb crunch...its just too good!


My car is a piece of crap. Here is why:
-the windshield wipers used to turn on and off randomly and I had to devise a complicated system to work them
- I say they "used" to do that, because now they just don't work
-the automatic lock on the drivers side is pushed into the door and does not work
-the heating/AC system is computerized and the computer has a tendency to shut off every few minutes
-you have to beat the computer to get it to turn on, my tool of choice at the moment is my window scraper
- there has been a recall on the transmission, interlock shifter doo hickey something or another, which I got in the mail a couple of months ago, and still haven't gone in

I do have an appointment today (finally) and hopefully they can fix my wipers too. If it costs too much to repair, my dad says I should just get/lease a new car.....I don't know if I could afford it but I know what kind of car I want, either a tiburon or a smart car!! :D

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