Monday, January 09, 2006

More dessert

I went out and got some vanilla soy ice cream so I could eat it with the rhubarb crunch I made from Garden of Vegan. I bought some frozen rhubarb a while ago and wanted to use it so this seemed like the perfect way to do it!

Of course, it didn't look as pretty once I started eating it! Still have my cold but I forced myself to go to school today, can't be skipping at the beginning of the semester! That'll set some bad habits. I only had two hours of classes today anyways.

Stupid me, I wanted to make another yummy meal from La Dolce Vegan but I forgot to go through it and pick one before going to the grocery store. So I guess I'll have some leftover Garlic soup and salad or whatever I can come up with for dinner. I've got a huge craving for brussels sprouts again....

Man, Billy better help me eat the leftover rhubarb crunch or I'm gonna end up eating it all its so good!

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