Saturday, January 28, 2006


I lost four pounds! Do the happy dance with me! :)

Check out what I had for dinner last night, it was a bit of an indulgence:

It's butternut squash soup with a "turkey" sandwich. mmm. The soup was good, but the pieces of steamed collards weren't so hot...I think I would've prefered it if had been blended along with the rest of the soup, it was kind of rubbery. But the soup is still very good! The sandwich was on whole wheat, with Yves turkey slices (I really like their new texture and taste!) with some vegenaise(why must you be so fattening?), mustard and spinach leaves. Oh and a slice of tofutti cheese. A very good dinner, and easy to prepare (if you've got leftover soup lying around) right before work.

I was having a major snack attack yesterday. But I tried to ride it out. I had a raspberry punch orange (awesome!) and 4 or 5 almonds after my semi-workout, and a bunch of raw veggies. Another thing that helps me avoid the munchies is a glass of lemon perrier with some fresh lemon wedges added. I love mineral water, it helps me avoid pop.

I garnished it with a strawberry. I bought some yesterday from Smith's Market, they were surprisingly good. Other strawberries I've bought in the winter are never really that great, but these are juicy and flavourful. I love strawberries.

As for breakfast today, I wanted to make pancakes or something as my weekend "treat" but I didn't have all the ingredients to make any of the ones I wanted. I did, however, have a bunch of leftover kale (its impossible to use up a whole bunch!) so I made kalewiches from Table for Two. I put the steamed kale on whole wheat toast and drizzled it with some good olive oil, sea salt and some fresh lemon juice. Mmmmm, that hit the spot, and its healthy! I had some more delicious strawberries and chocolate soymilk. Oh ya, and some green tea/mint/ginger tea. I actually used the water from steaming the kale to make my tea! You can't taste a difference and that way you're still getting any nutrients that were lost from the kale by steaming! :) I did this with the butternut soup too, I used the steaming water to make vegetable stock. So there's my tip of the day, I'm sure some of you veteran vegans have been doing this for years.

Ever since I got my camera, I've mostly taken pictures of food, so I was goofing around yesterday with my cat, trying to get a good picture. She kept moving around though, obviously, but here's one of my fur baby, Whiskers.

Speaking of Whiskers, she just puked all over the floor. I told Billy not to let her drink that milk! He's gonna get it now....grrrr Thank God for hardwood flooring.


sarchan said...

Ah, I really been craving some fake meat (as ridiculous as that sounds). That sandwich looks good. Just wondering if Yves is better than Tofurkey? And now I just noticed that my roommate and I have a set of those same glasses. . . .

Melissa said...

I've only ever had the tofurkey feast, not the sandwich slices, so I couldn't tell you if Yves is better. If the tofurkey tastes the same as the slices, then I'm guessing tofurkey would be more similar to turkey. But I really like the Yves ones! Are the tofurkey ones fortified too?

lol, we have a medley of glasses, do you mean the ones from the first picture? I like those, they hold just enough soymilk :)

yardsale said...

Congrats on your 4 lbs, Sudz! *happy dance*

Michelle said...

what a cute cat :) if you have too much kale or collards, you can zip them through a food processor (or mince them by hand) into small pieces, then stick them in the freezer in individual serving sizes (half a cup or so). then you can pull out a half a cup or a cup at a time and throw it into some soup. i find i don't mind the minced kale/collards, but the larger pieces do feel rubbery!

Melissa said...

Awesome idea michelle! That would be great for sauces too. Thanks :)

Thank you ys!

Danielle said...

What a pretty kitty Miss Whiskers is. And I agree that hardwood floors make cleaning up her little gacks easier.

Megan said...

Congrats on the four pounds!!!

I use Spectrum Naturals canola vegan mayo and it's not as high in calories. Do you like that stuff?

Melissa said...

Hey Megan..I've never tried spectrum. At the health store they have Nayonaise, Vegenaise and some other ones, but they all have eggs in them. I'll look harder next time though, thanks!