Saturday, February 18, 2006

Wolffie's Taco Salad

This salad is from La Dolce Vegan, and is another gem from Shirley Wolff. Its actually called leftover taco salad, in which you use leftover chili. I didn't actually have leftovers, I used President's choice vegetarian chili. Billy and I both ate this for dinner yesterday. I love it! Its so perfect when you don't feel like cooking but still want something that's tasty. Billy had his with ranch dressing (can't win 'em all!) and I used an oil and vinegar dressing I had sitting in the fridge. The lettuce and chili is topped with tomato and crushed tortilla chips, the best part! I didn't have green onions, the recipe calls for them, and they'd go well. Mmm what a delicious, filling meal. It was nice to just quickly throw it together and eat before work.

I'm working this morning, so I wanted a quick breakfast. I made the orange mango smoothie from Vive le Vegan. Its really good. I love smoothies! I should've used my food processor instead of the crappy blender. I've got chunks of mango in the smoothie, and I'm sure if it had been blended well, it would've added way more to the drink. Oh well, another refreshing smoothie from Vive!

The paper in the background has one of our city's Olympians, Jeffrey Buttle who won bronze in Men's figure skating. I was shocked he won. He's a great skater, but he was in sixth after his first skate. Our second Olympian....Todd Bertuzzi. Go Canada! :P

I weighed in this morning. Two more pounds! That brings me to a total of 10 pounds lost! Woot! That in itself is inspiration for the coming week!!! As a treat, I bought myself Jorge Cruise's 8 Minutes in the Morning kit. Its got index cards, with two moves a day, that you do in the morning, and you're supposed to lose 2 pounds a week. I don't know about that...especially if you're building muscle. But at the very least, its a good way to fit in some exercise! And I'm going to restart with the whole weight lifting thing, I'm pretty sure the whole reason I ended up practically paralyzed in the neck and back was because of the weights I was doing.


Dreena said...

Hi Melissa, the salad looks great. You do a lot of cooking for a student, it's amazing! I watched the figure skating (taped, don't have time for commercials, literally!. I watched it while ironing/cooking, etc - crazy!), I used to be a figure skating nut, even though I can barely stand on skates myself! :)

Congrats again on the weight loss! I thought I'd mention the exercise program I use, just because it is very convenient. I exercise most days of the week, usually taking one day off. But I don't do more than 30-40 min. I do a show called (okay, it sounds hokey) "Caribbean Workout". It is actually fantastic, with a mix of workouts including pilates, aerobics, step training, rebounder, yoga, ball workout, boxing, and more. It's been on for years but really is the best now I think. Comes on OLN I think. Anyhow, I tape it and do it in the morning before the girls are up. I need exercise in my life, even if it's pilates or yoga in the morning. Anyhow, might be of interest to you...

Carrie™ said...

The PC chili you used, is it the frozen one? I used to buy a vegetarian 3 bean chili (I think it was called that) by President's Choice. It was frozen, came in a tray with a plastic sheet on top and you could microwave or cook it in the oven. It was a 'Too Good To Be True' item. I think they've been recently changed to "Blue Menu". I really, really liked it, but I can't seem to find it anymore. I'm hoping it still exists.
Jeffery Buttle did a great skate. I wish the same could be said for the hockey team. I watched the Canada-Switzerland game today. UGH! It was awful. Maybe it's the wake-up call they needed. The women on the other hand are smokin'! GO CANADA! The best country in the world. Hands down!

Sweet Pea said...

Melissa, If you're looking for good, but short, workout videos then anything by Karen Voight (sp?) is great. I recently puchased a DVD with a workout for everyday of the week. It has cardio, strength and yoga. The best thing of all is that each workout is only 30 mins. I have a few other videos by Karen and they are all good.

Congrats on the weight loss.

SDGvegan said...

Thought I would stop by and say hi. Nice blog! I just got LaDolce Vegan for my birthday, so I hope to try some new recipes out of there. The burrito pie in a prior post looks delicious.

VeganDoc said...

Melissa, you make some great food, especially as a student! When I was in college, I was a lazy lacto-ovo vegetarian who ate way too much pasta and cheese, so I have so much respect for your ability to prepare such great healthy recipes. Keep up the great work, and congratulations on your weight loss!

Poppy said...

W00T! Yay for you and those 10lbs gone(I don't say lost because you don't want to find them again). I have that Jorge Cruz book but, I am pretty much doing the weights from that stumpuous webpage and rowing. What is your workout like?

Melissa said...

Thanks everyone! Now I feel guilty...I had a "pig out" weekend but I'll be back on track tomorrow. Not so much a pig out on really unhealthy food, just lots of food. :P
Right now, my workouts are either Kathy Smith's DVD for weights, and watching the OC while on the elliptical trainer. Thanks for the suggestions for workouts, I really want to mix it up!
Yes, it is hard to find the time to cook healthy, but I find I'd much rather spend time on my own health than waste it watching tv or whatever.

Carrie, the chili is actually in a can!

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