Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday night indulgence

I made perogies for dinner tonite. I served it with what was probably too much sour cream for my own good. But it was worth it! These were potato cheese perogies from How It All Vegan. And they were yummy! The sour cream and salsa went perfectly with it. I had a bunch of leftover stuffing though, so I'll have to figure out a way to use it up. Normally I'd have fun with a recipe like this that takes some preparation but half way through it, I could barely stand anymore (because of my neck and back pain) so I had Billy help to make it go faster. Billy enjoyed them too! I used brown spelt flour for the dough, which makes everything okay ;).

Anyways, although this dinner wasn't too unhealthy, I'm feeling pretty crummy. Mostly because I can't get any exercise in, and I'm super tired. I ate a healthy breakfast and a very light lunch though, so I guess that makes up for dinner. But I shouldn't have had those 4 mini samosas as a snack!...greasy!

I think I'll make a bunch of soup for the weekend, easy and low key :). I'll have to keep eating light til I can exercise again.


sarchan said...

Wow. I looked at those when I was paging through How It All Vegan. I still may have to make them sometime, as I come from Western Pennsylvania--the land of perogies . . . or so it seems. Anyway, those look really good and I would never have thought to use spelt. That's definitely a nice way the healthy it up.

Melissa said...

I didn't feel like using up my w.w pastry flour, and I didn't want to use white flour and spelt seemed light enough. It worked well :)

Harmonia said...

Oh! What do we have here? Lovely!

I will keep you on! No problem!

Melissa said...

Thanks! I love your links and your blog, it always gives me something to do :)

Carrie™ said...

Another one of my favorites (I have a lot, don't I?) is perogies. Those look really good. Did it take you long to put them together or did it just seem longer because you were uncomfortable? I see you eat sour cream like I do. HA!

Melissa said...

As in half the container at once? Ha! Yep, if I don't stop myself. I was a little less excessive with the leftovers. It wouldn't take too long really, I just couldn't go for more than 2 or 3 minutes without a break so it seemed even longer, even with my boyfriend portioning out the filling for me!

I love perogies too, but they're a trigger food for me, so its a good thing there weren't too many leftovers. In first year university, I'd cook the store bought frozen kind in the microwave and smother them in margarine....ugh my poor body lol. I ate a lot of "white" food then: pasta, rice, perogies, ramen noodles, etc.