Monday, March 06, 2006

Calling all Teachers!

I posted about this on the GoVegan forum, but it can't hurt to post here too. I'm looking for a gift idea for my host teacher. She took me into her class to let me observe the students and the teaching, and has been very helpful as a mentor. I wanted to get her something that would be useful in her grade 7 classroom or make her job easier...or just something fun. If I can't figure something out, I might get her a gift certificate to Staples or a teaching store, unless someone out there has an idea!
Now down to business. This weekend I got out my trusty La Dolce Vegan cookbook, and made me some yummy food! I made the black bean and sweet potato burritos. These are good! I've never used sweet potatoes in Mexican inspired food, but it went so well with the salty/spicy black bean mixture. I froze two of them for later use (one of which was eaten today) and it turns out they freeze well too.

From the dessert section, I made Wolffie's coconut chocolate chip cookies. I ate these while watching Walk the Line this weekend. I think I missed a significant portion of the movie getting up all the time to get more cookies! These cookies are heavenly. They're like a classic chocolate chip cookie with the tastiness of coconut thrown in. I didn't have any Earth Balance, so I had to use shortening. But they turned out just fine.

For breakfast on Saturday, I had creamy raspberry oatmeal from Vive le Vegan! I didn't read the recipe all the way through before making the oatmeal, so I ended up putting in the raspberries right away with all the other ingredients, instead of putting them in at the end. The result? Pink oatmeal! It was so pretty, tee hee. And it still tasted good, so no worries. I've been eating oatmeal a lot lately, its just so good and filling!

Well, I have a histology lab to go to soon, so I'm off!


Michelle said...

ooh, those cookies look GREAT! i made some chew chocolate chocolate chip cookies from the Post Punk Kitchen today, and OH BOY! sugar overload! i forced my self to freeze 1/3, send 1/3 to work with my honey, and only keep 1/3 out for me and the kiddos. otherwise, i would have eaten them all today!

Harmonia said...


I have been pondering my next cookie attempt.

Vicki said...

What about a GC to a teacher supply store?

Melissa said...

vicki, I thought about that. I just don't know if my city has one. I'll have to do some research. As of now, I've been thinking of a Chapter's GC, some nice hand lotion or something or a GC for a massage.

Nathalie said...

man. those cookies and oatmeal look amazing. i need to start eating more oatmeal... so healthy!
where do you find the time to make all these awesome dishes?!
oh, and how KICK ASS was walk the line?! hehe.

Melissa said...

I don't have time anymore, my eating has taken a turn for the worse. Mostly, I make this stuff on the weekends when I don't have to work. Or I sacrifice watching TV :P. I know, I can't get the music from the movie out of my head!

Carrie™ said...

Melissa, questions for you. I know you've made the "cheeseburger" pizza a few times and I'm really curious to try it. Do you use just plain tomato sauce from a can, pizza sauce, or do you make your own sauce? And what kind of "cheese" do you use?

Melissa said...

hmmm I could've sworn I replied yesterday carrie! That's weird. Anyways, the first time I made it I used regular tomato sauce and no cheese and it was great. The one in the picture had pizza sauce from the grocery store and Vegan brand cheese. That was good too. The cheese doesn't melt at all, so the pizza is great with or without the cheese, as the main importance of cheese on pizza is its meltiness!