Tuesday, April 11, 2006

She's a He

So it turns out Talulah isn't the best name for our fish. Turns out its a guy! I noticed that the fish was making little "bubble nests" at the surface of the water, so I did some research and found out that only the males do this, as they're the ones that take care of the babies. When males do this, it means they're happy or in a good mood apparently. So we renamed it to Stewie, after our favourite Family Guy character. We're a little Family Guy obsessed. But the name suits the little guy very well. We're going to be buying a big tank very soon and decking it out to make a little paradise for our baby.

I did some cooking today. I had to use up leftover cauliflower from the curry I made earlier. So I made the fennel cauliflower bake from La Dolce Vegan. Whoo! De-lish! I don't usually like fennel, but this dish was delicately flavoured by it and there were so many other flavourings that it blended really well. It was easy to make, it just had to bake in the oven for half an hour. I served it over brown rice that I steamed yesterday. I really recommend this dish...its not as colourful as some, but its definitely tasty.

For dessert,mint chocolate chip ice cream cake! Also from La Dolce Vegan. The recipe originally called for vanilla ice cream, but the grocery store only had chocolate so that's what I got. Its a basic recipe though, so you can swap in whatever you need to. Besides, mint goes really well with chocolate. I used peppermint oreos as the crust to add to the mintiness. The ice cream is blended with maple syrup, mint extract and chocolate chips, then topped with more chips and frozen. This was a simple recipe to make...it was ready by 7:30 despite needing two hours in the freezer...I worked on it while dinner was cooking. What a yummy treat! I recommend you really let it solidify in the freezer once its assembled so its not all melty when you serve it. Billy really liked this cake too...so its a winner!

I had my first exam today. It went pretty well. I found out today I got 97.5% on my lab exam for the same class (Histology), which is great because its worth just about as much as the final for the class. I got the fourth highest mark out of the whole class! Woot! I still have 4 exams left though and today's was probably the easiest so I gotta keep studying.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap that pie looks awesome! I've been craving something sweet and frozen all day...

And good job on your exam!

(I'm a de-lurker but I enjoy reading your blog)


Danielle D. said...

Most bettas sold in stores are males because males are prettier than females - the males have long, flowy fins whereas the females have short, little fins.

If you are looking for a new tank, the MiniBow 2.5 gallon seems to be very popular in the betta community. I bought one over Christmas and have been quite happy with it. I couldn't find one nearby, so I ordered mine online (when they went on sale) from Big Al's, http://www.bigalsonline.ca/catalog/product.xml?product_id=27131;category_id=3217;pcid1=2253;pcid2=

You can see pics of my betta in the tank here, http://s2.photobucket.com/albums/y2/msbunnicula/Fish/New%20Mini%20Bow%20Tank/

Danielle D. said...

Oooo...I hate how links get cut off in these boxes! Can you still access them on your end?

If not, here is the link to my pictures:

To see the tank at Big Al's, go to
www.bigalsonline.ca. Click on Tanks & Stands, then on Small Tank Kits.

Melissa said...

Yep, the links worked...thanks Danielle! We just bought a ten gallow tank today...we couldn't wait any longer, lol. Its pretty big for one little fish so the little guy will have plenty of swimming space. The tank you have is pretty awesome.

Thanks for the comment Katherine :)

Danielle D. said...

I used to have my betta in a 5 gallon, but he was really stressed out in it, so I moved him out of it.

Just make sure that you have lots of plants and a filter with an adjustible intake (as bettas don't like a lot of current).

Enjoy your fishie!

Melissa said...

stressed about what? Too much space?

Danielle D. said...

I honestly don't know. It was most likely because the tank was cycling (it was IMO too big to leave uncycled). It might have also been the space, the filter (it was quite strong), the shape of the tank (it's half a hexagon), anything really.

He's a pretty high-strung fish and seems to get stressed easily.