Thursday, April 13, 2006


I know I've posted about tofu omelets before...but I just had to do it again. Today, I made one of the most perfect omelets I have ever made. It was seared perfectly and didn't break apart. I used tomato/basil/gomashio filling again. Mmm I love how the Braggs in the tofu makes it salty! By the way, the recipe is from Garden Of Vegan. I've made it so many times, I know it by heart...not that there's much to memorize. I had half a pound of tofu left from the cauliflower bake so I figured, what better way to use it up! I'm getting really good at using leftover food so it doesn't go to waste. That must be because I'm broke and don't want to waste anything! So here's a picture of my lovely omelet, one of my favourite ways to eat tofu...

I'm trying to plan my meals a bit more. I've gained weight, yet again, so I'm cutting out baked goods for a little while, just while I get back on track. I'll miss them, but its for a worthy cause :P. Oh, to think...If I had stayed on the healthy weight loss track I was on a month or so ago...I could've lost twenty pounds by now! Such is my life...

So this morning I made the cumin spiced rice from La Dolce Vegan. Its brown rice with sauteed onions and cumin seeds (a first for me), made in veggie broth with a bit of black should be great. I'll be eating that at lunch with some chickpeas, raw veggies and steamed broccoli. Its amazing how if I don't plan anything I barely eat any veggies or fruit...tsk tsk. So lunch will consist mainly of veggies.

For dinner, I'm making the mushroom stroganoff from LDV. I made the seitan last night while studying. I always find myself wanting to make meals that include seitan but don't have an hour to spend making the seitan, and then more time to cook dinner. So I cooked it ahead of time, stored it in its broth in the fridge...and dinner will take no time at all tonite! I'll post later on the results of that. I have an exam to write this afternoon.

Edit: I had to wait a bit to finish this post, because pictures weren't loading. In that time, I had lunch...the cumin spiced brown rice with chickpeas (topped with a bit of oregano, salt and pepper), raw carrots, cucumber and celery and a lot of steamed broccoli topped with red pepper flakes. Holy moley, that rice is spicy. I think my lip has a cut in it or something, because my lips were burning like a moffo! As spicy as it was, I really liked it...its a great way to spruce up plain old brown rice. And the chickpeas went with it very well. Ah, I love chickpeas so much.

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