Thursday, April 13, 2006

Mushroom Stroganoff

Am I ever full. I whipped up this mushroom stroganoff from La Dolce Vegan for dinner tonight. Mm mm good. I don't believe I've ever had stroganoff before but I found this little definition from wikipedia (gotta love it):
Beef Stroganoff although now commonly served continentally, has its roots in Russia. The recipe developed as the result of a St. Petersburg cooking competition in the 1890s. The recipe was prize-winning and was consequently named after the Stroganov family that the chef was working for. The recipe traditionally includes beef cubes, mushrooms, and sour cream. Usually served over noodles or rice.

So I'm guessing this recipe was similar. It has seitan beef cubes (seen on the right hand side of the plate picture), and mushrooms. Instead of sourcream the sauce was made with silken tofu and soymilk...although, I'm sure one could make vegan stroganoff with Tofutti Sour cream. That would be awesome, considering I'm addicted to the stuff! If anyone out there already has that kind of recipe or is up to the challenge, do tell! Anyways, the sauce was great. It was pretty subtle, with the taste of parsley and pepper really helping it out. I served it with whole wheat rotini because I don't have any fettucinne, with a side of green beans, and it was superb. The recipe made lots, so I'll have some leftovers for dinner tomorrow and possibly Saturday.

Normally, a dinner this great, I'd be going back for seconds. But I decided not to. Its all part of the plan to have my clothes fit again ;)


Sweet Pea said...

I made this dish last week and it was yummy. I found it to be good comfort food. I love creamy pasta dishes.

BlissChick said...

I love this dish. I haven't tried making the recipe from LDV yet, but I must get around to it.

Michelle said...

My mom used to make stroganoff a lot, so I veganized her recipe using tofutti sour cream. I'm not a big fan, and found it to be too sweet for my taste. There's that slightly acidic taste to real sour cream that you just don't get from vegan sour cream. It was good though and you can definately use it. Especially if you like the tofutti stuff.

karen said...

I make a recipe I got from my PETA magazine several years ago.

You saute onions and mushrooms, add veggie crumbles, soy sour cream, a can of mushroom gravy or homemade, 3/4 cup white wine, salt, pepper and garlic. Let it simmer for 15 minutes and serve it over noodles.
It even thrilled meat eaters!

karen said...

Oh! Almost forgot- The Seitan Stroganoff from VwaV is fantastic too! But, I find I am usually exhausted after making it and there are like 4 burners going and tons of dishes to do! The homemade seitan is so good.

fruitbat said...

One stroganoff recipe I've seen before that uses tofutti sour cream:

I don't really like stroganoff... possibly due to the nasty stuff served in the school cafeteria (school has ruined a lot for me)

Melissa said...

Thanks everyone!