Thursday, June 29, 2006

Party for One, Part 2

I could only get in two pictures for the last post, hopefully I can fit in the rest here.

Another recipe I was given was Angel Hair with Walnuts. I couldn't find whole wheat angel hair, so I just used spaghetti. What an easy meal. The walnuts roasted really nicely and added a lot of flavour.

One of the recipes I really wasn't sure about, Minted Mac and Peas, ended up being one of my favourites. In this one, cream cheese was used, and anyone who knows me knows that the cheesier the better! I wasn't sure how well mint would fit into the picture, but it was really refreshing. And the meal was pretty too :) I love peas, so I was happy to be able to use them in this dish. I'm going to keep making this dish until I've used up all my fresh mint! Oh yes, I used whole wheat penne, but I think it would look better with macaroni.

The first recipe I made was the garlicky penne with cheese. And it was good! Mmmmm.

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