Thursday, June 29, 2006

Party for One!!!

I volunteered to test out some recipes for a fellow blogger, Catherine, for a cookbook she's working on, called Party for One. Most of the recipes yield one serving, which is perfect for singles, and vegans living in a non-vegan household. Oh yes, and all the recipes were prepared in my tiny apartment kitchen, meaning they're easy to make!! Being the procrastinator that I am, I of course waited til the last week of June to make the food, when she wanted it for July, haha. Plus I've been in a big junk food rut. But, thanks to her recipes, I am now out of it, and on my way to a better diet. With her permission, I can post the pictures, but if you guys want the recipes, you'll have to buy the book when it comes out (or bombard her on her blog with requests :P). So let's get the party started.

First up is Artichoke and Lemon Spaghetti . I was worried about this one, because I don't usually like artichokes. What the heck was I worried about?!? It was so yummy! The lemon juice was really great tossed with the whole wheat spaghetti. This is a perfect summer meal when you don't have much energy for cooking, but you still want a healthy meal. And its garlicky too!

Next, Tomato Basil Mozza-Pasta. Yes, its as good as it sounds. Even Billy wanted in on this one, so I doubled the recipe. . The only bad thing about this is that I bought tomatoes that weren't fully ripenened, but that's my error, not the recipe's.

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