Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Where to Start??

Okey Dokey...I've got lots of pictures :D
I'll start with the baked goodies, since I won't be eating them for a while. I'm a compulsive eater, and need to keep that stuff away for now while I get myself in order. These are Debbie's peanut butter coconut squares from La Dolce Vegan. Yummy! Peanut butter and chocolate together...match made in heaven. The bar has corn flakes and rice crispies, and the topping is just melted chocolate. I really liked these...and so did my brother, its always nice when the carnies enjoy my vegan goodies :D

Next, the tomato soup spice cake from LDV as well. DO NOT let the name of this cake scare you away!! If I hadn't made the cake myself, I would've asked if it was pumpkin. Its like pumpkin pie! And its probably the easiest cake I've ever made. All you need is a can of soup, oil, cinnamon and cloves, flour, baking soda and powder. I left the optional raisins out for Billy's liking. We devoured this cake! Between the two of us, it didn't last 24 hours. I topped it with the vanilla frosting from LDV. I didn't have enough powdered sugar so I ended up making some of my own, and it make the icing gritty. So instead of icing the cake, I just poured some icing over each individual slice, which was pretty. This cake would be beautiful in the fall and at Thanksgiving.

I also made another week's worth of recipes from Vegan Cooking for One last week. In no particular order (because I don't have the book on me) here they are:
BBQ tofu with vegetables. Despite my aversion to tofu stirfries and the likes, this was pretty good. I think its because it used frozen and thawed tofu, which makes the tofu spongier and chewier. It used a simple BBQ sauce involving vegan worcestershire, soysauce,etc. And the veggies were zucchini, onions and mushrooms. It was served over bulgur.


KleoPatra said...

Ooooooh, that cake thing looks soooooooo good. I would loooooooove some of those guys!

Azul said...

Oh man Melissa that choc and peanutbutter looks so so good. Can you give me the recp

Anonymous said...

Wow - Melissa, when you post, you really post! All that food looks amazing. I've seen Sarah demo that Tomato Soup Cake and it sounds crazy, but people seem to love it. I really should give it a try.

Melissa said...

haha, thanks megan. Well I had so many pictures from before that wouldn't load. So now that it works, I've got to play catch up :P

azul...I'll e-mail you the recipe, but you don't have LDV yet?? lol

Thanks kleopatra :D

t. said...

Both desserts truly do look amazing! And the tomato soup recipe truly sounds amazing (I love your topping idea!)!