Thursday, September 14, 2006

Does anyone know what to do so that my profile and links to blogs isn't at the bottom of the page??? Still looking for that CD that will let me transfer pictures onto the computer. I miss my blog and am saddened over my procrastination!


Anonymous said...

What browser are you using to view your blog? I'm on a PC using Firefox and everything looks good to me, your "about me" and links are on the right column, and at the top.


Vegan Knitting said...

Everything loooks right to me as well. I'm also on Firefox on a PC.

Melissa said...

I guess its because of Internet Explorer??

kleo2 said...

I wish i knew how to help you. I am missing your posts!!!

SusanV said...


I think it's because in this post-- Will you miss me???
--you have a link that is extending beyond your margin. Any time you have an extra long link or a photo that's too big for the main section of the blog, it pushes the sidebar down in Outlook Express.

Try taking that link for the photo and making it a clickable link like this:
Voyageur Days photo.

Hope that helps. I've seen this happen to lots of people's blogs.

Melissa said...

susanv, Thank you so much, you fixed it!
I loooooove your blog by the way :)

Judy said...

Hey Melissa, you're up!