Friday, September 29, 2006

Coming soon...

I think I'm sufficiently remotivated to start posting (and cooking) again. I haven't figured out how to load pictures onto our new computer without the software CD that I can't find, but I can load pictures onto my laptop and then load them onto my new USB drive.

I don't work tonight so I'm going to be cooking up a storm. But before I start that I'll write a short post with at least one food picture and I'll show you guys our new kitten Logan/Wolverine!

In other news, I have an orientation at the Children's Aid Society today. Instead of placing me in a school to complete my practicum, the School of Ed. put me with the CAS. There's one good thing about it though, I get trained for non-violent crisis intervention, which apparently is very pricey if you take it independently.

See you soon!


Danielle D. said...

Is your new computer running Windows XP? If so, you should be able to upload your pictures using XP's built in software (I often use it instead of my camera's software). When you plug your camera in via USB, XP should recognise it automatically (it may take a couple of minutes). Once it recognises the camera, go to "My Computer" and click on the camera icon. From there, you should be given the option to select and download pictures.

Melissa said...

danielle, you are my new best friend! That will save me a lot of time, and it uploads them faster than the camera software did!

Thank you! :D

Danielle D. said...

You're welcome. :)