Friday, September 29, 2006

What took me so long?

Wow I'm dead tired. But I promised to post for a I wouldn't get out of it! It feels good to be back! So I'll start off with another Wolffie sensation from La Dolce Vegan...her BLT brunch casserole. Sounds weird doesn't it? But its delicious and great any time of the day. Its base is toast "cubes" spread with veganaise (or your choice of mayo) followed by scrambled tofu, slice tomatoes, "bacon" bits, a yummy cheese sauce made with nutritional yeast and green onions. After its done baking you serve it on a bed of lettuce. This was my second time making it. I've had other nutritional yeast sauces before that were so-so, but this one is great.

Tonite for dinner I made the portobello cannelloni with sun-dried tomato white sauce from LDV. From the few bites I've taken so far, it is turning out very nicely. However, my camera batteries are recharging so I'll have to take a picture of the leftovers later. Its a very elegant looking meal though.

On the non-food side of things, Billy and I adopted a kitten from PetSave two weekends ago. There were lots of cute kitties, but Billy wanted an all-black cat, since he had one in his childhood. So we took home a 3 month old cat that was named Jetty...and after about 6 name changes, he is now named Logan/Wolverine, as in the Xmen movie. I had settled on the name Andre/Dre, but we soon realised that this kitty likes to use his claws! It suits him pretty well, until we find another name ;) haha. He's very playful and I'm trying to train him not to bite or scratch us but its not working out so far.
Did I mention he likes climbing things?? Including our legs (we've got the scratch marks to prove it)


Don't Get Mad Get Vegan! said...

Hmmm, I don't have LDV...yet! your pic is totally convincing me that I may very well be missing out on some great recipes! :)

and kitty pics! yay! congrats on your adoption. we have six we've rescued, three are black, two of those completely. they're names are max and marley, but i just refer to them as the gloom and the doom, for obvious reasons. ;)

Melissa said...

Gloom and Doom...that's cute! Its weird that you commented today, I was just visiting your blog today for the first time!

Anonymous said...

Hey it is great to see you post! Love the food, really love the kitty! So cute!

Judy said...

You're up!