Saturday, September 30, 2006

More Fun in the Kitchen

So the picture of my leftover portobello cannelloni from LDV isn't that great...since most foods that involve cheese never look good as leftovers (think mac and cheese) , and the lighting is horrid, but I'll still post it to give you an idea. Yesterday, I enjoyed the sauce, but today, it wasn't really saucy anymore. But, the flavour of the mushrooms really came out today. I do believe I'll be making this dish again. The lighting in the apartment isn't all that great for pictures, and its been cloudy all day, so my pictures aren't very pretty today. Oh well, the food is still delish.

I also made the blueberry buns from Vive le Vegan last night. These turned out to be more like giant cookies (which isn't always a bad thing I guess haha). They're sweet but not overly sweet and the ground oats and blueberries make this a great, healthy snack for my school lunches. They have a muffin-like texture. I used frozen berries that leaked alot, so the batter turned out purple/blue.

I am quite sick today, so all I managed to do was make a brown rice/wild rice mix that I will be using tomorrow in a recipe and I also made the berry oat squares from LDV. I have made a few oat-based bars, and I have to say I really enjoy them. The bottom baked really nicely, to give a crunchy texture. The filling is made from blueberries and jam. And the top is just the same oat based mix as the bottom, but sprinkled on. Again, these aren't overly sweet, just perfect from the fruit. You could even eat these for breakfast, a step up from boring granola bars ;)

Well I have to do a species account on the common stingray. You think there would be more info available on a species with the name common in it??? I chose the species because everyone knows the stingrays, and logically there would be lots of reputable, available information. Oh well. See you later!


Anonymous said...

The food looks great! Hope you are feeling lots better...

Melissa said...

Thanks, kleo..I am feeling much better than I was this morning :)