Thursday, March 15, 2007


Usually when I make my lunches from Vegan Lunchbox, they last me all week, which is helpful when you have no time. Not the case this week. Billy ended up eating half the soup on me! The roasted tomato soup was delicious, and not too exotic for Billy's taste. Along with that, I had crackers (some days with deli meat or cheese), trail mix and a Cashew Crispy Square for dessert. I used rice puffs instead of crisps but it still turned out good. They're really chewy, and easy to make. The dried blueberries give them a really nice flavour too (although they cost me an arm and a leg; if arms and legs cost 13$).

Tomatoes ready for roasting.

I went out to dinner Tuesday night. The owner of the restaurant had emailed me earlier in the day in response to some questions I add about the food. He was so upbeat and insisted they would take care of me and the chef would even create something for me. So I went with some girlfriends, and had an amazing meal and time. Here's a picture of the leftovers, which Billy also stole from me. Luckily I had some beans and rice left! The dish was called Pennete with Mushrooms, and I just got tomato sauce instead of a rose/blush sauce.


theONLYtania said...

Ooh the soup looks good. It looks very thick! Too bad I don't have that book yet, everything looks fun!

That's neat about the restaurant though, I never thought to email ahead of time.

Veg*Triathlete said...

What a nice restaurant experience! That's great that they were so accommodating:-)

KleoPatra said...

Wow, a nice restaurant that takes advice and suggestions from its customers... and goes out of their way for you. I love that!

Lovely pennete 'n' mushroom dish. I love it!

Roasted tomatoes... MMMMMMMMMMMM! Good stuff!

That is kind of expensive for dried blueberries... i'm thinkin' they're mostly worth it though, no???

Tracy said...

Holy Cow! How many tomatoes did that recipe call for? It looks like it must have made scads of soup. And if Billy ate half, it must have been great!

Melissa said...

kleo, the blueberries were worth it. They're very tasty.

Tracy, it called for 6 pounds of tomatoes! I had about 5.5 lbs. It made about 8 cups of soup, but also thickened up quite a bit in the fridge, so I should've watered it down a bit to make it last longer. You're right, if Billy will eat it, its definitely a winner!

Michelle said...

that pic of the tomatoes is beautyful! i'm not a huge fan of tomato soup (never liked it as a kid), but maybe i should try it again. i know for sure my daughter will like it! she has a serious tomato addiction!