Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What to make when class runs late?

On Mondays and Wednesdays, the prof of my 4:30 to 6 class always goes til at least 6, instead of 5:45. So by the time we get home, its almost 7. Dinner has to be leftovers or quick. I made Bountiful Beans and Rice from La Dolce Vegan last night. It was very well received by Billy, as it has cumin and chili powder, two spices he likes in chili and burritos. I didn't have a jalapeno, so I had to leave that out, and I used parsley instead of cilantro. Its funny, Billy always really loves the meals that I think are alright. This just needed a bit more salt, pepper and something I can't put my finger on...but definitely good.
I still haven't taken a picture of my lunch for the week, so I'll post about that tomorrow. Tonight, I'm going to dinner with some work friends. I emailed the restaurant and they said that not only would they accomodate my vegan needs, but that the chef would love to create something off the menu for me! Wow! I'll be frequenting this restaurant if its good, which I'm sure it will be. It has to be better than cheeseless pizza at Boston Pizza and veggie burgers at Kelsey's.


Judy said...

That dish looks really yummy.

Yay for a chef creating something especially for little old vegan you!

Carrie™ said...

The LDV dish looks really good. Maybe the jalapeno would have made the difference for you. I find that "needs a little extra" spice blend works quite well when I find that a dish is missing something. Good luck with the restaurant. I'm excited to see what the chef came up with for you. How nice are they to do that?

theONLYtania said...

MmMm beans and rice. That looks really filling, but yeah definitely quick and easy! Very nice :)