Friday, May 25, 2007

Summer starts now!

It was a busy week, but I'm finally done placement! I forgot to take pictures of my lunch this week...but it was yummy. I made the cheesey lunch box fondue from Vegan Lunch Box. It was delicious with some dippers like baby potatoes, broccoli and mushrooms. I had it with an apple and some almond dark chocolate.

I also forgot to take a picture of a delicious soup I made. I modified it quite a bit from the mushroom barley stew in How It All Vegan, to use up some stuff in my fridge. It was sooooo good, and Billy loved it.

I was supposed to make a bean and bulgur salad from Vegan Cooking for One...but didn't want to use bulgur (wheat). So instead I used a ground round subsitute that I found, that's only made of soy flour. Its called So Soya. This salad had navy beans, the ground round and some veggies, and was pretty darn good.

Dinner this week was the Southwestern Corn Casserole from La Dolce Vegan. It is soooooo good, go and make it right now. At first, I wasn't quite sure what to expect based on the ingredients (silken tofu, soy milk, flour, corn, etc) but I was pleasantly surprised.

I made cookies two nights ago for all the staff on my floor at placement, as a little thank you. I made the chocolate chip cookies from Vive le Vegan (Since I know they're great), and also tried the chocolate pecan/walnut cookies from La Dolce Vegan (without nuts, extra chocolate chips). They both turned out great, everyone loved them. I had some leftover too, which led to me eating way too many....which led to me spending an hour at the gym, hahaha.

That's it for now. I just felt guilty for not posting sooner


Johanna3 said...

the food looks great!

Vivacious Vegan said...

That southwest corn casserole sounds delicious.

How do you feel, week 2 wheat free?

Carrie™ said...

No, you can't go wrong with Dreena's cookies! I'm very intrigued by that casserole now. I'll have to look it up. What did you think of the So Soya? I've used it a few times and think it's OK. Since it's available at the Bulk Barn, it's easy for me to get. I think I just have to be more inventive.
I'll be curious to see how the wheat-free diet works for you. I have eczema and psoriasis & heard cutting out dairy would help. I tried...that didn't work. I was going to a naturopath because the dermatologist was just giving me creams to alleviate the itchiness, but not addressing why I got this all of a sudden. But, I changed jobs, have no benefits and can't afford to go see her anymore. Kudos to you though...gluten free is HARD!!

Veg-a-Nut said...

Drena's cookies are wonderful and your look great! Hey I have never seen the ground round you are talking about. Where did you find it?

Melissa said...

I found it in the Natural Food section of the Superstore here (Loblaws). You could probably get it in a health store too.