Friday, June 08, 2007

Lasagna with Mex Appeal

I finally saw a naturopath about my eczema. She doesn't believe its diet-related, but rather that my body and my thyroid are run down from a stressful year(s). So I was given some sulfur and orders to rest, sleep and eat kelp (iodine) and rosemary. I'm hoping this works. I'm free to eat what I'd like for now.

Billy cooked dinner on Tuesday (gasp!) and it was delicious. We adapted a recipe from Looneyspoons for Mexican Lasagna. It has tomatoes, beans, peppers and spices layered with corn tortillas and soy nacho cheese. I'd also like to try it with flour tortillas.

For a decadent breakfast this week (full of wheat!) I made some raspberry/blackberry muffins. This is a variation of a muffin recipe in How It All Vegan, in which you choose the fruit combination that you'd like. Raspberries are awesome in muffins. It made 6 jumbo muffins, but you could also make 12 regular sized muffins, which I will do next time for better portion control. I also used 3/4 whole wheat flour to make them a bit healthier.

And for dinner last night, I made the tofu loaf from La Dolce Vegan, along with dijon mustard brussels sprouts, also from LDV. This was good. The inside was still a little too mushy for my liking, but the flavour was good. I used rosemary instead of parsley and tossed in some kelp powder as well, which didn't affect the taste.

It looks like the weekend will consist of mainly leftovers, but I'll be back next week with more food :)


Kati said...

Raspberries are excellent in muffins, as I just discovered the other day. That loaf looks delicious as well. I hope your eczema clears up soon!

Veg-a-Nut said...

I am glad you were able to get some help with your eczema. I too have a run down thyroid, but they had to put me on medication cuz it was bad. :o(

Mexican lasagna looks really good and those muffins! Oh how I love muffins!! Enjoy your leftovers, we are doing the same thing. :o)

Judy said...

I've made that Mexican lasagna before and it is goo-ood.

KleoPatra said...

Hope you get an answer to the eczema soon, Melissa. Sorry to hear about its hold on your body. And conGRADulations to you, re: your previous post. Well done!! i'm proud of you!!

Tofu loaf, wow!! Really must have been something. Not a fan of the Brussels sprouts but they are colourful and i know how healthy they are... Mostly i gotta tell ya, the lasagna looks absolutely luscious. I love the mixing of cultures like that... Italian and Mexican. Abondanza is bueno!!

Yer muffins are gorgeous. I'd go for one of the jumbo ones for sure. And way to make them healthier. Raspberries, indeed, ARE awesome in muffins. So good!

theONLYtania said...

Hey I'm Mexican.. the lasagna looks yummy :-P I think flour tortillas would be a good alteration.
The muffins sound good, I can't say I've ever had raspberries in them. And I do agree, I'd rather have a smaller muffin.
I didn't know LDV had a tofu loaf.. it's weird but.. I've been wanting to try one lately. I'll take a look!
PS I LOVE brussels sprouts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissa!
Billy cooking supper is as exciting as your brownies! He's a keeper.
Ali and I tried baked tofu the other day........yup - we tried it - ha ha

Love ya!
Aunt Teri :)

Caty said...

It all looks great but the muffin is just gorgeous! I wish my breakfast looked that good.

Carrie™ said...

I don't think my skin problems are diet related either. I've cut out this and cut out that and nothing really helps. I'm desperate.
Mexican lasagna! Awesome. My MIL has that cookbook. I'm going to check it out!

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