Sunday, June 03, 2007


I am now officially Melissa, B.Sc (Hon), cum laude. Haha, although I won't refer to myself that way. As it turns out, I graduated second in my class, and was only one percent away from having top marks....story of my life. Graduation was fun, graduation dinner was fun (and delicious) and my graduation BBQ was even more fun. My grandparents and some aunts and uncles came, along with my family and Billy's family. They grilled meat and such, but I wasn't deprived. I also grilled some corn on the cob that everyone ate.

As for me, I had a Sol Spicy Bean Burger on a whole wheat bun (I ate wheat for the weekend), with grilled pineapple and some yummy Mango Ketchup from Candle Cafe.

Dessert was Death By Chocolate Brownies from Sinfully Vegan. I really liked the texture of these, dense and fudgy; and so did everyone else.

And for lunches when my cupboards and fridge were a bit bare, I made a great red lentil soup recipe that I found on vegweb.

There you have it, I kept it fairly simple so I could spend time with my family instead of in the kitchen.


Danielle said...


Anonymous said...

Hello my little sweetie. You are always the "top" in my eyes. Congratulations again on your wonderful accomplishments!

Love Aunt Teri :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! What a huge relief to be done with school.

I wish I had Sinfully Vegan. Those brownies look like a little square of heaven.

springsandwells said...

that's great to be 2nd in your class... wow!! That barbequed corn looks amazing, and so does the grilled pineapple. Yum

Veg-a-Nut said...

Congratulations! Awesome achievement! I love roasted veggies, but corn is special it it's own way. Sweet little bites of heaven.

Oh my, the brownies are something DH would die for. He is my chocolate nut. Me I am for the red lentil soup. Hey I am just a savory kinda girl. hehehe

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Judy said...

Congrats! The corn looks delish - I still have yet to try corn on the grill. And aren't Sol burgers fantastic? I ate them a lot a few months ago, but then kind of forgot about them. I'll have to pick some up tomorrow!

Danielle said...

Mazel tov!!!

theONLYtania said...

Congratulations! What are your plans now?

The barbecue looks like fun, grilled pineapple on a burger sounds great! Can't say that I've ever had it. I'm glad I have Sinfully Vegan because the brownie looks amazing!

Melissa said...

Thank you everyone! :)
My plans for next year are teacher's college through the same university (its a concurrent program).

Catherine said...

Hooray! Congratulations on your graduation.

I had to comment, because that photo of Logan a few posts down made me laugh OUT LOUD. Cats are great.

Kati said...

Congratulations! All your food looks delicious. I can't wait to eat some corn on the cob - it's one of my favorite summer treats.

Enjoy your summer break!

Anonymous said...

Congrats graduate! You are #1. The death by chocolate was a huge hit at the family BBQ. I highly recommend it



Carrie™ said...

Congratulations Melissa!! I first "met" you at & have been reading your blog for a while now and you were always studying and working hard. It certainly paid off in a big way. Second in your class! Very impressive.
Also impressive are those brownies! Yowza! How did you like the burgers? I just bought some Sol Cuisine today, but the regular ones. Are you taking the summer off? I'd say you've earned it.

Melissa said...

Thanks heard the lady, make the brownies!

Thank you carrie :). I liked the burgers, they were spicy, but good. They're also wheat free, which is nice.

Yes, aside from part time work, I have the summer off, no summer courses :)

Sam and Sarah's mom said...

Congratulations on your graduation!! And best wishes with your continuing school too!

AND: I think it's super cute and sweet that your mom comments on your blog!

Enjoy your summer,