Monday, December 17, 2007

Camera or No Camera

I've been cooking a little bit, so I figured I'd write about it, so I don't completely lose my blogging skills ;), even though I don't have the best part: the pictures!
I made tasty tempeh chili from La Dolce Vegan yesterday. I didn't eat it yet, but the few tastes I had were promising. It has onion, garlic, tempeh cubes, corn, chili, cumin, tomato sauce and tomatoes. I'm looking forward to topping some baked potatoes with this, since I have a ten pound bag to use up!
I had leftover tempeh, so I also made the tu-no tempeh salad from LDV. Its basically crumbled tempeh with soy mayo, and typical tuna salad fixings. It was very good broiled with some cheese on toast...mmmm. Billy even said it tasted somewhat like tuna. I guess that would be from the kelp powder.
I also made my all-time favourite...mac and cheese! If you haven't made this (from LDV) yet, and you have access to vegan soy it now! I love it, it's my go-to recipe.

Well that's that. Billy and I are in the process of moving into a bigger place, so I won't be buying a new camera anytime soon, but hopefully I can get mine fixed.

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