Saturday, March 08, 2008

Pudding, tofu and tea

I made the chocolate pudding from "125 Best Vegan Recipes" but I didn't have cocoa powder, so I just used chocolate chips. The recipe made four little pudding cups worth, but you could easily double the recipe. It was really good pudding! Not too sweet and the perfect texture. I think you could even leave the chips out and make vanilla pudding.

This morning, I was actually up at a decent hour, so I made brunch, courtesy of Veganomicon. I made the tofu florentine with home fries and cheezy sauce. Its basically braised and broiled tofu on a bed of home fries and steamed spinach, topped with a nutritional yeast sauce and chopped tomatoes. I'm not a huge fan of slabs of tofu, seasoned or not, but this was actually really good. The tofu in combination with all the other foods was a good balance.

I also had some Spring Morning green tea brewed in my cute tea set, which Billy's mom got me for my birthday. The loose leaf tea and the tea set are from a store called Teaopia. They sell tons of different loose leaf teas, and you can make your own combinations as well. They also have an in-store coffee bar, kind of like Starbucks but way better, and also way more vegan friendly!


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Mmmmm vegan chocolate pudding... I don't think you can go wrong no matter how you make it!

Lara said...

do you have a recipe for your nutritional yeast sauce??

Melissa said...

It's from Veganomicon Lara...if you don't have it, I can send the recipe to you.

sandy winz said...

Hi! I have orderd from this place twice and am very pleased to share. They have great kosher organic and natural food products.
Here is a link
p.s. I used a code try if it works for you bldc08

Lara said...

hey melissa,
I don't have that recipe book, so if you could send it to me that would be great!

Andy Warhol said...

Schaut lecker aus :-)

Ölbilder said...

ja wirklich sehr lecker