Monday, May 26, 2008

I've been working a lot more now and sadly my cooking was pretty non-existent for a while. That, and I also forgot to take pictures of the food I did make. But I do have a few things. A couple weeks ago, I made sticky pecan squares from 125 Best Vegan Recipes. They were really good. It's basically a shortbread type base with the crunchy sweet pecan mix on top.

From V'Con I made the cashew quinoa stirfry, which was really good. I really enjoyed the quinoa cooked in pineapple juice. I also grilled some smoky tempeh to go along with it.

And for a party this weekend, I made vanilla gluten freedom cupcakes from Vegan style! They were so cute, and everyone really enjoyed them. I prefer the chocolate ones, but the vanilla ones aren't bad either. Today, I made the chocolate ones to use up the icing I had leftover, which is just the buttercream frosting with a bit of red food colouring.

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Veg*Triathlete said...

Ha, ha! It's 90 degrees and I've got cupcakes in the oven, also to use up some leftover icing! That stirfry sounds delicious :-)