Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Apples + peanut butter= heaven

I had the chance to cook in the last few days. First, I made wild mushroom orzo risotto, and Italian style kabobs from Vegan Italiano. This book has not disappointed me yet, everything comes out really well. The kabobs have red pepper, Brussels sprouts, red potatoes and red onion and they're basted in Italian dressing. Really simple and delicious.

Today, I made the dill and chickpea basmati rice from V'con. It's good enough, nothing stellar. There didn't seem to be nearly enough liquid to cook the rice in, as everything is cooked in one pot, so I added more. It ended up pretty sticky. The lemon juice added at the end is a nice addition however.

Then for dessert, apple peanut butter caramel bars, also from V'con. These are fantabulous. They don't stick together very well, but you can just eat it with a fork. With taste that great, no one is going to complain.


Anonymous said...

those peanut butter bars look me one!

Catherine said...

ooohhh . . . gooey delicious!

Kumudha said...

So many wonderful vegan dishes!