Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vegan Wedding

I have ambitions to put on a fully vegan wedding reception for my wedding. We're starting to look at locations and both places we're looking at right now have their own catering. One of them says they've never had a vegan wedding before, and he asked me what I had in mind, perhaps the cook could make it.

My family, and Billy's family, are meat eaters. They're going to be expecting some sort of beef/chicken/fillet type meal, so I want our meals to be excellent...but not too complicated or "vegan" if you catch my drift. I thought maybe a nice pasta dish, with some sort of tomato sauce as a base would be nice.

Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas, menu ideas, or resources for me? I'd like to be able to tell them more than "pasta with tomato sauce" otherwise that's exactly what we'll get.


Sanja said...

Maybe this can help?


ElisaC said...

I had a vegan wedding last November. I used a non-vegan caterer who I had used before to cater a vegetarian birthday party.

I blogged some of the menu here.

The three entrees were:
Mushroom Risotto
Savory Seitan with arugula and tomatoes
Polenta-stuffed Mini-Pumpkins

And I think I'm forgetting something else, but that was the bulk of the entree portion of the buffet.

Happy to answer question you may have.

Catherine said...

I know this completely gets away from your pasta idea, but what about Indian food? (Does your family do ethnic food?) If prepared with oil instead of ghee, much of it is naturally vegan -- I doubt anyone would feel like they were missing out, with all of the delicious apps, curries, breads, rice, and stuff.

Anonymous said...

In what city will your wedding be held?

Andréa N. said...

I was going to say what Sanja just said. The latest issue of VegNews Magazine has a big thing on vegan weddings - very informative, with prices, photos... very helpful.

Anonymous said...

we're planning on doing risotto cakes over greens with soyrizo and a fancy mushroom-caramelized onion tart with an as yet undecided vegetable side (maybe a beet salad and something fresh & crisp) for entrees. both fancy enough for a wedding but not scary-vegan either. the crazier stuff is going into appetizers so people don't get stuck with something they think is weird.

Anonymous said...

hey baby-cakes.....it's your day and if anybody doesn't like the food ...........too bad!..........there's lots of drive-throughs in the area :)

Love ya! Aunt Teri :)

Melissa said...

Thanks for the tips everyone!

You're the best Auntie Teri!

Sarah said...

Thanks for posting this - I've had to stick to a mostly vegan and very low-fat diet because of my allergies and I'm getting married (in a few years - but never too early to plan!). I'll be using these tips for sure!

melissa bastian. said...

Ha - also vegan, also named Melissa, also planning an all-vegan wedding. I've barely started talking to caterers yet, but I've found at least one that claims they'll have no problem putting it together. Luckily I'm in New York - I'm thinking there's a higher concentration here than in most places, and I've found several places that can make me a beautiful cake. I'm planning on having a family-style meal... what are your ideas? When's the wedding?

Anonymous said...

i'm planning a vegan wedding as well and don't know what to serve, but for the cake if you are in the ny/pa/nj area vegantreats.com has the best cakes you will ever see or taste. their site is down but they have a myspace page as well.

melissa bastian. said...

As far as the last anonymous comment, I have to say that I tried to do a tasting with Vegan Treats. I had really high hopes for them... but after the tasting experience I am about 95% sure that I will *not* be using them. A post with full details is on my blog: newyorkingreen.blogspot.com

VeganBride.com said...

Please tell me more about your vegan wedding! I'm launching a website for all things "vegan weddings", and am interested in featuring real-life veg weddings, as well as creating a resource that will make it easier to make vegan weddings happen!! I'm stumped for ideas as to how to make it GREEN as well AFFORDABLE. Therefore, we've decided to offer a giveaway for green vegan wedding ideas! Each post w/an idea will be entered to win 2 Earth Cafe raw vegan & gluten-free, delectable cheesecakes delivered via fedex. Perhaps we should trade links as well?? www.VeganBride.com/blog
I'd LOVE to connect, follow your progress & hopefully be able to help each other & this great vegan mission!!
All my best!
:) Candy

sambehnam said...

I thought future brides would be interested in getting some ideas from the Vegan and Vegatarian menu I just posted on my catering site here in San Diego: http://www.toastcatering.com/Vegetarian%20and%20Vegan%20Menu.html

The menu was designed to cater not only vegan guests, but also carnivores.

I hope this helps :)


peterpascoe25 said...

Try going to Naplesweddingcatering.com

michele said...

I think different salads and pasta dishes would be the "safe choice".