Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Product Review: Shopper's Drug Mart Nativa Organics

Shopper's has launched a huge organic food line, at affordable prices. There's a lot of different products out, much of it vegan-friendly.

One of those products, their cookie buttons, is my favourite so far. The box comes with 6 100-calorie snack packs. And the cookies are good! They're just mini chocolate chip cookies. And I love the snack pack size...I haven't had any of Nabisco's but they don't look very substantial, they look like a lesser version of the real thing. Not so with the cookie buttons.

Also, I got their natural microwave popcorn. Three boxes for 5$! It was obviously an introductory price, but I'm glad I stocked up, because it is very good. I'll make it my regular popcorn...they don't sacrifice any taste, and it's organic.

Check out a Shopper's near you. :)


* said...

My kids love the chocolate cookie buttons. I'm thinking about handing them out at Halloween instead of junky candy.


Sabby said...

I loved all of these products as well but in my area they are no longer carrying 75% of them. They replaced them with some crappy brand simply food !! Very dissapointing

Patricia said...

It seems that since Loblaws bought out Shoppers, they've taken all or most of the Nativa products off the shelves. I'm very disappointed as well, because I loved the mini ginger snaps - crunchy, gingery and just two or three made a nice mid-afternoon snack without too many calories. If anyone knows where else they can be found, I'd love to know!