Wednesday, September 08, 2010


School is back in session, and since I don't have a teaching contract for the year as of yet, I am back on the supply teacher list. Which means I won't be teaching for a while! None the less, I am getting my fall/regular working adult schedule back on track now that summer is over. That means waking up early, getting dressed and putting on my face before noon, tidying up around the house, knitting while watching my Food Network shows, walking the dog, etc...and let's not forget cooking! Plus, I work evenings at the restaurant.

Lunch yesterday was from Vegan Pandamonium here, rosemary-butter gnocchi. Simple and delicious, and it's always good times when I get to use the mortar and pestle my sister bought me a few years back.

I've been wanting to make a lasagna that both Billy and I will eat. I'm not too fussy, although when I think lasagna, I think mom's lasagna, meat and cheese and ricotta, etc. However, I do like veggie lasagnas too. As an aside,when I first stopped eating red meat but hadn't given up poultry yet, my wonderful mom would make me a mini turkey lasagna whenever she cooked lasagna for dinner. That's love!

Billy is a different story. He loves his mom's lasagna too, and that's where it ends. His ideal lasagna his meat, sauce and cheese. Done. No veggies, no ricotta, no cottage cheese, no tofu ricotta, etc. So, I made him one...that is also love :P

Except, I made the "Sneaky Mom's Tomato Sauce" from Vegan Lunch Box as the sauce. I guess I can call it the Sneaky Wifey's sauce too! It's a tomato sauce with loads of kale, carrots, onion, etc, but you blend it up so no one's the wiser.

This lasagna consists of lasagna noodles layered with the tomato sauce, smokey TVP, and Daiya cheese. And it is fantabulous! The only change I shall make will be to cut down the liquid smoke next time, as it's a bit overwhelming in this dish. Mmmmmmm, I was taking bites out of the pan!

Gotta run to work!


Jennifer and Jaclyn said...

MMmm reading this makes me want a big lab of lasagna! Looks delicieux!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the commetns Melissa! our lasagna looks as good as mine evre did!


Planet Penny said...

Hello! I've just popped in from Vanessa's blog to say hi as you said you have a miniature dachshund, and I do too! We blog, well I do and Higgins butts in on Planet Penny! I must say that lasagne looks yummy!
Penny and Higgins x