Thursday, September 09, 2010

Unemployment is capitalism's way of getting you to plant a garden.

Damn...I just missed a few days of supply work next week by two hours :(...just had to go shopping.

I'm loving these leisurely mornings where I actually have time to cook in the morning if I want. I wanted to make something for breakfast, but ran into a few problems:
1) my cupboards are pretty bare
2) it was already 8 and I didn't want to have to bake something that would take an hour or so, plus cooling time
3) I didn't want pancakes or waffles

Picky or what? So I went on vegweb for some ideas, and found a recipe for biscuits and sausage gravy. But I didn't have the ingredients. However, it was enough inspiration.

Easy Breakfast Biscuits- Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food

Biscuits and gravy! How have I never made this before? I had these straight out of the oven with a bit of margarine and topped with this simple gravy (since I had no mushrooms or miso to make any of the fancy gravies in my cookbooks). The only change I made to the gravy was to use broth instead of water.
Yumsters! Note the gravy boat in the background...I had never used it and wanted to :P

So, we live in an apartment with no yard, but we are blessed with a rather large balcony, which I have turned into my urban garden. My budget was pretty low this year, so I tried growing my flowers from seeds. Not all of them were a success. I planted my cosmos and morning glories and ended up buying pre-grown flowers for the rest. But I did use empty cat litter boxes as planters to save some money, so it all worked out.

Except, my cosmos took until September to bloom...and only one has flowered so far. So I will start earlier next year.

Cosmo (singular)

Morning Glory (I trellised my plants too late, so they did not thrive as well as they should have)

I forget the name of this one and I lost the slip with the info on it, please leave a comment if you know what it's called!

I love fall, but it saddens me that soon my flowers will come to an end...


C said...

Your flowers look pretty! I had some on the balcony, but they died somehow (it was probably too hot this summer), and now I can't throw them away, cause there is a spider living in there. I can't destroy spidey's home, lol!

Melissa said...

haha, lucky spider.

Most of mine didn't fare well with the heat ...and going out of town for days at a time didn't help either.

Planet Penny said...

I just love that nose out of the blanket! Higgins is just the same, digging himself deep under the covers. I've been waiting all summer for my cosmos to bloom too, and the ones in pots have grown to about 4ft tall and look a bit ridiculous!