Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New cookbook!

I bought myself a new cookbook, which is one of my favourite ways to treat myself! I got Veganize This!. It's gotten some poor reviews for being complicated, time consuming and requiring substitutions. But I like to have all kinds of recipes on hand ranging in the spectrum from super easy to super fancy. I made two recipes from it this week. The titles are really long and seem to list every ingredient in them, but don't let that scare you away!

Vegan Escargots à la bourguignonne en croûte vegan brioche with café de Paris butter (woo what a mouthful!)- Veganize This!

This is a Sunday kind of recipe, the kind where you need a whole day to be able to lazily make this. First, you have to make the brioche. I was a bit too hasty and didn`t let it rise enough because my loaf wasn`t as big as it`s supposed to be. BUT, it's delicious!! Then you shape the brioche into little cups, top it with mushroom that's been cooked in a seasoned broth with veggies, and then top it with the cafe de Paris butter. I will be reducing the mustard in the butter sauce next time, but other than that...delicious! I only had escargots a few times when I was around 12 or so, so I don't remember them other than being chewy, so I think these fit the bill. I couldn't get morels, so I used shiitakes.

Cumin and Avocado Oil-Rubbed Portobello Tortas with Pico de Gallo and Basil-White Peppercorn Mayo- Veganize This

Again, don't be put off by the title. In real life, this is a portabello "burger" with mayo and pico on a bun. And it's scrumptious!! I couldn't find tortas, so I bought kaiser rolls which is what the book suggests as a sub. Also, it's supposed to be a dragon fruit pico, but mine rotted before I could make this (what a waster). Also, it's supposed to be purple basil in the mayo. But I did what I could. I love everything about this recipe: the flaky kaiser, the creamy mayo where basil is centre stage, the fresh pico, the savoury and grilled portobello and the crunchy romaine to top it off. I highly recommend this recipe. Also, it didn't take much time (and would take even less if you pre-made the condiments).

I love when I can use my grill pan :) And, I was really excited to use avocado oil, since that's new for me.

Dill and Mushroom Frittata- Vegan Brunch

I totally bought the wrong tofu for this recipe (too soft), so it didn't keep the pie shape it's supposed to when it comes out of the oven. So mine is more of a scramble/omelette. But still very tasty. How great is fresh dill??

Finished Object
A pointy elf baby hat, how cute! I made this with my leftover organic cotton. Did you know that cotton farmers have a very high rate of cancer?? I'll never complain about the cost of organic again!

And lastly, our fur baby family, all getting along, because they're unconscious I guess ;)


Anonymous said...

WOW that all looks really good Melissa..any left overs?

Babette said...

Both recipes from Veganize this look very tasty. I'm curious to see what else you'll make from it.

What does avocado oil taste like?

Melissa said...

it tastes like other oils with a hint of avocado. It's not a strong flavour though

VeganCraftastic said...

I have that book but have yet to make anything from it, I should get on that!