Sunday, December 04, 2011

Winter Foods

We put up our Christmas tree last weekend! Tis the season. The Christmas spirit has hit me sooner this year (maybe because I finished my shopping before the stores got crazy). Here are my favourite handmade crafts on the tree


Mrs. Claus

Winter Harvest Soup-Vive le Vegan
This soup is so comforting. It's a great winter soup. Mellow and savoury, and it tastes better every day. Its got beans, sweet potatoes, rutabega, bok choy and lots of herbs.

French Onion Soup-Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food
Was it worth smelling like onions for two days to make this soup? YES! The picture isn't good, its next day leftovers, but I was too excited to eat the soup when it was ready to stop and take a picture. A yummy onion broth topped with french baguette and Daiya mozzerella. Mmmmmmmm.....

Tempeh Chili-La Dolce Vegan
This is a simple and hearty chili. I used leftovers with potatoes, and also made chili fries.

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Vanilla Bean Vegan said...

The food and tree look amazing, I love the homemade ornaments they are so cute!! Homemade ornaments are so much nicer than storebought to me because they give out so much warmth to any tree. Have a great day!!