Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Nothing will turn a man's home into a castle more quickly and effectively than a dachshund."

From Queen Victoria herself!
We love the breed so much. So much so that...

We got a second dog! We adopted Kali from the Canadian Dachshund Rescue last weekend. She's a six year old black and tan dachshund. She weighs the same as Dill but is much skinnier (very bony). Her owner died, which is how she ended up with the CDR. She is just the sweetest dog ever! Dill and her had a rough start on Saturday, as Dill was very possessive of her belongings (including us!), but a week later they're sleeping in the same bed and following each other around with no aggression. Hopefully they will be fast friends soon! The CDR has offered us support the entire time and I highly recommend them if you are thinking of getting a wiener dog...rescue is so much better than buying from a breeder (we've done both).

On to the food!

I love the urge to cook comforting foods that comes with winter. It's kind of like a middle finger to the cold! Yes, it may be cold, but I'm inside enjoying a delicious meal :)

"Stuffed Shells"- 125 Best Vegan Recipes
These are meant to be stuffed pasta shells, but Billy was the shopper last weekend and didn't get the right size. So I just mixed the pasta with the stuffing and sauce. Its ground round and breadcrumbs with seasonings. Simple and tasty.

Scalloped Potatoes-Vive le Vegan
These are pretty good. Potatoes and onions topped with a soymilk sauce that includes miso and nutmeg.

Ice Cream Sandwiches
For the ice cream I used chocolate peanut butter soy ice cream, and for the cookies, I used the chocolate chocolate chip cookies from Veganomicon. Yum!


Anonymous said...

My grand puppies are adorable! and that pasta looks sooo good!

Vanilla Bean Vegan said...

The recipes look amazing!! congrats on the new Dachshund Kali, I bet her and dill are having so much fun playing!!

Ten Pound Diary said...
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caroline ross said...

Yummy! I want those Ice Cream Sandwiches!