Friday, January 06, 2006

Billy's Apartment

Billy's apartment became available on New Year's Eve, so we moved some stuff in then, and since then we've been able to get most of his stuff that I'm not allowed to call junk into it. Its just a little bachelor pad, but its so exciting. I'm not technically moving in with him but I will spend some nights there. I can't wait to break in the kitchen! I've been buying lots of stuff for him and installing/assembling stuff (garbage rack, microwave stand) and its so much fun.
He insists on having the big screen tv in there, so there's not much room for a table. I guess we'll be eating all our meals at the couch. I made a peach crumbcake that he requested for New Year's Eve to eat on our first night there.

No, we're not sitting on a couch in the forest...its this god awful mural on his wall. The landlord was going to take it down before he moved in but the building owner said it had to stay in case Billy wanted it...which he doesn't, so I'm seeing some painting in our near future.

Here's some more pictures to get a feel for what the place looks like...

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