Sunday, January 22, 2006

Nice Afternoon

I went skating today, with my brother and his friend, and Billy. I havent' been skating since I was in high school (about 3 years!), so Billy did a few laps with me, just going slow. I eventually got the hang of it and we played a game of hockey, 2 vs. 2. I had so much fun! I completely suck but I don't even care. Billy is an awesome skater and hockey player, who knows how far he could've gone if he hadn't lived so far up north in Alberta when he was playing hockey. His parents couldn't afford 3000+ dollars a year to let him keep playing on an organized team. He was so sexy in his element today, lol. I was going to bring my camera to get some pictures of us skating but I was afraid of falling and breaking the camera! Oh ya, I only fell once, and only because I was trying for a breakaway goal! heehee

Anyways, I was skating for about an hour and a half, which according to, is about 400 calories burned! Woot! I got exercise and had fun at the same time!
Then I came home and had a nice bowl of navy bean soup and a sandwich on a whole wheat bagel with Yves turkey slices, vegenaise and mustard.

I gotta go do some Roman Civilization homework. Have a great day! :D

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